Self-Assessment Tools

When choosing a major or narrowing down a career field, there are three things you can do that will help you make a better and well-informed, decision. 

First, you should learn more about yourself and what's important to you. Second, you should research and explore career fields and occupations that might be a good fit, based on what you have learned. Third, once you have some focus, try to gain field experience, such as an internship, research or a practicum to test out your career ideas. 

Self-assessment tools are a fun and easy way to learn about yourself by gathering data about your work values, interests, personality, strengths and aptitudes. 

Utilizing a variety of self-assessment tools can help you put together the pieces of your career path puzzle. As you learn about your characteristics, select a major and research industries, it will be easier for you to obtain experience, as well as use self-knowledge to frame conversations during interviews with employers.  Once you take a self-assessment or two, feel free to make an appointment with a career advisor to get new insights and resources.

So, go ahead and get started - you will be on your way to a satisfying career!



is an online assessment system that will help you develop a picture of your personal strengths, interests, needs, and preferences, and help you develop a career plan. It can also help you to narrow down your selection of a major, if you have not yet decided.  NOTE: To set up a FREE account to use FOCUS2, you will need an access code.  The access code is "Goodell"

Using FOCUS you can:

  • Assess your interests, skills, work values, personality, and work preferences, so you can find or confirm a great fitting career and/or major.
  • Discover and explore occupations, job titles, career paths, and education programs compatible with your attributes.
  • Map out your career and educational goals, action plans, professional development and training needs.

Once you have used FOCUS2, consider printing out your results and scheduling an appointment with a career advisor to discuss your findings:  Call 413-545-2224, or email

O*Net Interest Profiler

Figure out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. This tool helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore!

16 Personalities

Personality is just one of many factors that guide our behavior, however. Our actions are also influenced by our environment, our experiences, and our individual goals. The 16 personalities assessment describes how people belonging to a specific personality type are likely to behave; outlining preferences and tendencies. Significant differences can exist even among people who share a personality type. The information on this website is meant to inspire personal growth and an improved understanding of yourself and your relationships. It uses some of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator information in an abbreviated version.

After you take this assessment, learn more about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality types by watching this video, as it might be helpful you as you start choosing career fields that complement you.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ($10 through the Career Hub)

The widely used MBTI identifies your personality type, your strengths, and your preferences as they relate to a potential career. Currently, we are not using the online version of this assessment—you must complete it at Career Services Office, and there is a fee charged for the materials. When we all can return to campus, Make an appointment with a career advisor, who is qualified to administer and interpret the MBTI and will help you understand what the results mean for you.

Traitify Assessment

Traitify uses images connected to human interactions to create a fast validated talent assessment. Sign up to take this free, fun tool at:

 Or use your Profile to access the free assessment too! 

VIA Character Strengths (free)

What are your character strengths and how are you using your top 5 in your academic world?  Take this 15-minute assessment and see where you may be over- or under-utilizing your character strengths. Note: While the initial assessment is free, there is a cost if interested in a fuller report. Learn more in this video, The Science of Character, and how you can apply this knowledge for yourself and to better understand and appreciate others.

Jung Typology Test (free)

The Jung Typology Test classifies people according to four criteria (Extroversion - Introversion, Sensing – Intuition, Thinking - Feeling, Judging – Perceiving) and provides immediate results. When you complete this test you will receive information on your type formula as well as a description of this type. You will also receive a list of suitable career choices based on your personality.