Experiential Education

While a student’s coursework is a significant piece of career preparation, experiential education is also an essential element. This is the hands-on education students obtain when they engage in the world of work or take leaps into challenging experiences. Sometimes this happens when they least expect it.

Internships and Co-ops

To most students, experiential education means internships and co-ops. These positions give students the opportunity to work as “apprentices” in their fields and build invaluable experience. Internships may also allow students to explore different fields, learn new skills, test academic theories, and work alongside professionals. An internship or co-op is one of the best ways to prepare for a career, and most students should consider it an essential part of their education. 

To learn more about internships and co-ops, and how your student can explore and apply for these opportunities, go here Internships, Co-ops and More.

Campus Involvement and Other Opportunities

In addition to internships and co-ops, there are many ways that students can build experience as well as strengthen their leadership, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Most of these are available right on the UMass Amherst campus. Students may join one of our more than 250 Registered Student Organizations, participate in a community service project, work with faculty on research projects, and find excellent opportunities in on- and off- campus employment. For more details on these options, go to Other Opportunities in Internships, Co-ops and More.

Finally, students can broaden their minds and enrich their experience by participating in astudy abroad or domestic exchange program.