Learn Additional Creative, Technical, and Professional Skills

In additional to the wide range of knowledge and skills you'll gain through your coursework, you can supplement your education at UMass Amherst in many ways. By engaging in skill building outside of the classroom, you can enhance what you've already learned or add a myriad of new abilities to your ever-growing repertoire. Browse through the programs below and learn how you can keep bettering yourself.

Career Readiness Competencies

There are eight career readiness competencies, each of which can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Review a definition of each competency below as well as download supplemental materials to support and incorporate into your initiatives.

Building Skills Outside the Classroom

Your coursework will help you hone many of the skills employers seek in candidates. However, there are many opportunities to expand your skills outside of the classroom. 

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online library of over 15,000 in-depth courses on subjects from creative tech tools and techniques to business skills taught by industry experts. UMass Amherst students, faculty, and staff have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning at no cost. With over 15,000 courses taught by industry experts, and more added every week, LinkedIn Learning has something for everyone. 

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Global Tech

The Global Tech Experience makes it simple to get real work experience during summers while enrolled at UMass. Each track in The Global Tech Experience is six (6) credits and gives students the opportunity to enhance their resumes with real-world experiences and the most sought-after tech skills — all from the comfort of their home. Whatever track you choose, you'll learn in-demand skills you need to succeed in our evolving world no matter your major. Global Tech currently offers technical courses in Data, Digital Marketing, and Web Development.

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UWW Courses

University Without Walls (UWW) offers students at all stages of life superior flexible learning opportunities. UWW is the driving force behind UMass Amherst’s innovative, accessible, and adaptable educational approach that supports you in balancing school, work, and personal life. UWW's offerings include certificates, professional development, and college courses to help you round out your education.

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The Washington Center

The Washington Center (TWC) provides opportunities for students to gain experience, skills and networking connections, while living and interning in the nation’s capital, all while earning academic credit. Their Academic Internship program includes 3 components: a supervised internship, career readiness programming and an academic course. The program runs semester-long or during the summer and details can be found at: www.twc.edu