Phone and Virtual Interviews


Phone Interviews

A phone interview may be a preliminary interview to screen candidates, or it may the primary interview itself. You should approach a phone interview as formally as you would approach an interview on site, preparing as we recommend in our pages about Interviewing.

Because of the unique nature of a phone interview, there are a few other guidelines you should consider:

  • Smile as you speak—it will change the tone of your voice to make you sound positive and enthusiastic
  • Dress up and sit at a desk or table -- it will remind your body to be in professional mode, which will positively affect your vocal tone
  • Make sure to have your resume, cover letter, job description, and your typed questions for the employer, in front of you
  • Send a thank you note afterwards, which demonstrates that you have taken the interview seriously

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Virtual Interviews

Be sure to treat a Virtual interview just like an in-person interview.  But in addition, you should:

  • Dress up head -to-toe, both for your looks and to invoke your own feeling that you deserve the position
  • Make sure to have your resume, cover letter, job description, and your typed questions for the employer in front of you
  • Confirm in advance that you have bright lighting, and the background appearing behind you is bland or blank
  • Make a similar assessment of background noise, housemates, and any possibilities for interruption or distraction
  • Confirm your computer is fully charged or plugged in
  • Get names of interviewers and send thank you notes afterwards

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Career Services Virtual Interview Room

Creating and maintaining a professional space for virtual interviews can be challenging, especially for students with shared living arrangements. Career Services in Goodell offers a Virtual Interview Room that maintains all of the elements mentioned above.  You can schedule specific dates and times there at no cost.  Email Career Services or call us at 413-545-2224 for more information or to schedule time to use our Virtual Interview Room.