Internships, Co-Ops, and other Field Experiences

Field experience is a catch-all term for any experience you have while enrolled at UMass Amherst that provides skill building outside of the classroom. You may have heard of internships or co-ops, but there are many ways to get hands on experience that will be both gratifying and prepare you for your career.

There are a wide range of field experience opportunities for students. Many students complete a credited internship during the semester or summer, or dedicate a semester to engaging in a full-time co-op at a company. The possibilities are endless.

It is never too early to start thinking about getting some experience. Even first-year students may begin by participating in uncredited internships and other opportunities (volunteer work, campus activities, job shadowing, informational interviewing) to build skills and prepare for later internships.

Field Experience Frequently Asked Questions

Ana V.T. | Major: Natural Resource Conservation | Museum of Science

Elsa H. | Major: Public Health Science | Boston Children's Hospital

Katherine C. | Major: Civil Engineering PhD | National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Mia S. | Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration | McCarthy River Tours

Pradhyum V. | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Newport News Shipbuliding

Jabin C. | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Amazon Robotics

Jadyn B. | Major: Public Health | Brockton Neighborhood Health Center

Chiruza M. | Major: Biology | Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Tia Bella H. | Major: Veterinary and Animal Science | Camel Training