Researching Employers

In your job search, you must learn as much as possible about potential employers so that you can target those that are the best match for you and so that you can stand out among other applicants. Learn about their mission, culture, products, services, and their clients. This will put you in an excellent position to make clear connections between your skills and their needs when you prepare your resume and cover letter, or in an interview.

How to Research Potential Employers
Resources for Researching Employers
Rankings of Companies
Diversity and Inclusion Resources


How to Research Potential Employers

  • Start with the company website, and read various pages
  • Many companies have a listing on LinkedIn, describing the work culture of the company so as to attract good applicants
  • Check other social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, for the company's online presence
  • Google the name of the company and then click "News" at the top of  Google to find recent articles about the company
  • If you know the name of the hiring manager, you can do similar searches for information on that person which can help you to apply more effectively

For more, Quintessential Careers also provides an excellent
Step-by-Step Guide to Researching Companies.


Resources for Researching Employers

Buzzfile Index of Employers Sorted By Major
Glass Door
Wet Feet (Answer questions and get a list of potential employers)


Rankings of Companies

Best Places to Work in the Federal Government
CollegeGrad: Top Entry Level Employers
JobStar: Best Companies
Working Mother's 100 Best Companies List


Diversity and Inclusion Resources

The following resources provide career-related information (such as online journals, job banks, etc.) specifically geared to people of color, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQIA people, and/or women in male-dominated fields.

Black Enterprise
Closing the Gender Gap
Diversity Working
Financial Aid for Women
Minority Executive Search, Inc.

Minorities in STEM
My Next Move for Veterans
National Association for Female Executives
Out Professionals
Pride at Work
Saludos ("#1 ranked in Hispanic employment")
Viscardi Center (for people with disabilities)
Women in Underrepresented Careers