Applying for Internships and Co-ops


Before Applying

To apply to any field experience positions listed on Handshake, you must create or revise your resume, customizing it for the position you want. Many internships currently are remote or virtual, meaning you can do the work in your own space, but you will still need a resume. To start, see our helpful page on Resumes and Cover Letters which has several downloadable handouts and resume samples. When it is appropriate...take advantage of our Walk-In hours to have a trained student worker do a 15-minute review of your resume or you may want to make a 30-minute appointment with a professional Career Advisor to go over the details of the job description, your resume, and your cover letter, before you send them in.


Applying for Positions

You may apply to internship and co-op positions directly through the Handshake system. Each opportunity listing provides information on how to apply and what kinds of information they need from you.  In some cases, the application process may include an interview by phone, zoom or in person. If this is the case, the employer will contact you directly for an interview. If you have not heard from an employer, two weeks after applying, it is okay to make a polite telephone call asking for the timeframe of the company's search process.  If another two weeks pass without contact, assume that you have not been selected and apply elsewhere.

Don't forget to consider and apply for remote, micro-internships, such as Parker Dewey and search other sites that list additional virtual opportunities.


IMPORTANT! If you participate in on-campus interviewing with employers (in-person or virtually), please review our on-campus recruiting policies:

Late Interview Cancellations

A student attempting to cancel an on-campus interview within two business days of the interview date, must do the following:

  1. Notify Sharon Jefferson, Recruiting Administrator as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for another candidate

Repeated late interview cancellations may result in suspension of the student’s access to UMass Amherst Handshake.

Interview No-Shows

Failure to honor an interview appointment (in-person or virtually) is considered a serious breach of professional courtesy and ethics, and can negatively impact UMass Amherst Career Services’ reputation among our employer partners.

Students who fail to attend a scheduled interview and do not contact us within two business days before an appointment, must do the following within 24 hours of the interview:

  1. Send an email of apology (including an explanation of why they missed the interview) to the recruiter and
  2. Send a copy to Sharon Jefferson, Recruiting Administrator at
  3. A determination will be made by central Career HUB as to whether the student will continue to participate in the recruiting program. Invalid explanations and/or repeat behavior will result in immediate suspension from UMass Handshake and the on-campus recruiting program (OCR).


Accepting a Position

Once you have accepted an internship or co-op placement, follow our guidelines on internship for credit or co-op.  Contact the Field Experience office at if you have additional questions. 



Now that you’ve landed an internship or co-op, you may need to arrange for housing.

We have wonderful news!   If needed, on-campus housing and on-campus dining is now available for UMass Amherst students who have internships for credit or co-ops within the Greater Boston area at the Mount Ida Campus of UMass Amherst, either during the summer or a semester!

For additional information go to

Additional Housing Resources

The additional resources on this page are provided to assist you with your search. Please keep in mind that UMass Amherst does not have any relationship with these companies, and inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement.  UMass Amherst is unable to vet any website or listing, so please conduct your search carefully. We want you to be safe with your housing needs, so please review the article found here.


Boston College Off Campus Housing
Emerson College Off Campus Housing
MIT Off-Campus Housing
MIT Interfraternity Council Summer Housing
Northeastern University Intern Housing
Suffolk University Summer Conference Services
Tufts University Summer Internship Housing
Tufts University Off-Campus Housing Resource Center

New York

Columbia University Intern Housing
Educational Housing Services
Fashion Institute of Technology (Summer housing only)
New School Student Housing
NYU Student Housing


Washington D.C.

American University Summer Intern Housing
Catholic University Summer Intern Housing
George Washington University Summer Intern Housing
Howard University Office of Off-Campus Housing
International Student House
Washington Intern Housing Network
Washington Intern Student Housing