What about internships during the COVID19 pandemic?

What about internships during the COVID19 pandemic?

Although in-person internships are currently cancelled or delayed, you may be able to participate in a remote or online internship.  We encourage students who were working in an internship this semester to reach out to their employer to see if some of the work could be continued remotely. 

While a remote internship may lack some of the advantages of an in-person experience, students will benefit from relevant project-based learning, improve their professional skills, and demonstrate good time management and communication skills. 

If you are still looking for a summer internship, don’t despair. Many employers have internship positions posted on their job board or in Handshake.  Again, we encourage you to be proactive and reach out to employers who currently have positions posted to see if there is an option for remote work until in-person work can resume. Please be sure to complete the Field Experience Risk Acknowledgement Form, as part of your process to begin an internship during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Finally, while some employers may be cancelling their internship program this summer, there may be an opportunity for project-based work known as “micro-internships”.  Micro-internships are paid, short-term assignments that range from 5-40 hours to complete.  Recently, UMass has partnered with Parker Dewey to offer micro-internships from a wide-range of employers including those in technology, finance, HR, sales and marketing.

Students who are interested in receiving one credit for a 40-hour micro-internship can do so with permission from a faculty sponsor.   Steps include reaching out to a faculty member to sponsor this remote arrangement (depts have varying guidelines), filling out an Internship Contract on Handshake (Click on “Experiences - Request an Experience”), asking your supervisor (employer) to fill out an evaluation when the work is completed, and signing up for summer academic credit through UMass University Without Walls.

While no one is able to predict when the call for social distancing restrictions will end, we are still here to help you navigate the process of gaining relevant hands-on experience in a way that is meaningful and beneficial.  Please feel free to reach out to us.