Hiring International Students

The University of Massachusetts Amherst attracts competitive talent from over 100 countries.  We encourage you, our employer partners, to consider hiring international students for your internships, co-ops, and full-time positions.  Bringing their unique benefits to your organization is easier than you might think.

Partners report that the international students they hire:

  • Offer cross-cultural competencies and proficiency in multiple languages
  • Provide high level skills such as leadership, independence, and adaptability
  • Bring the benefits of prior education and employment experience abroad
  • Imagine and implement innovative approaches to doing business in the global economy
  • Add diversity to an organization's competitive workforce

Click the the brochure below to show the simple steps our partners are taking to competitively attract and retain the full range of talent that UMass has to offer. Please call us at UMass Amherst Career Services (413-545-5224) or the International Programs Office (413-545-5247) if you have questions about the process. We're here to help.