Career Services: Your Recruiting Partner

Career Services works in partnership with employers from a wide range of fields to assist in recruiting students for jobs, internships, and cooperative education positions (co-ops).  We will work with you every step of the way, helping you target prospective employees in a way that is more effective than blanket advertising. To list an internship, co-op, or full-time position, please set up a free account in our Handshake database. All UMass students have access to this system. 

Talent for the Future  |  Employment Offer Guidelines  |  Principles for Employment Professionals

Career Services Offers Employers Talent for the Future

UMass Amherst students bring employers mastery and experience. Our students are tested, talented, knowledgeable, and passionate.  

We offer:

  • An extensive Field Experience Program (internships and cooperative education) to meet your temporary needs and to mentor future employees.
  • Over 4000 talented new graduates each year, from more than 90 fields, with fresh ideas, cutting-edge skills, and extensive real-world experience.
  • High-energy candidates, ready to meet project-based needs, on a full-time, part-time, or short-term basis.
  • Year-round electronic resume referral through Handshake
  • Opportunities for on-campus recruiting with convenient interviewing facilities.
  • Access to candidates from Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges, in addition to UMass Amherst.
  • Workforce diversity assistance.

Our students:

  • have extensive hands-on experience, developed through co-ops, internships, student organizations, and other career-related employment.
  • participate in community service projects throughout their college careers.
  • build research skills through extensive work in the lab and in the field.
  • are culturally diverse, with foreign language skills, and overseas experience.
  • are undergraduate and graduate students, including MBAs.
  • have degrees in emerging fields such as environmental science/engineering, biotechnology, and robotics.
  • graduate with excellent communication, critical thinking, and organizational skills, and a strong work ethic.

Employment Offer Guidelines

We are pleased that many companies are interested in hiring our students from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In agreement with the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) professional principles, we believe that it is in the best interests of the students and employers, if students have a reasonable amount of time to interview and consider alternative offers before making important career decisions. Thus, we encourage employers to give students a reasonable timeframe for acceptances and discourage employers from using practices that would improperly induce early acceptances. Specifically, we expect that any company that makes use of our Career Services will abide by the following employment offer guidelines.

• If a returning student is offered a full-time position after a summer internship, that student has until mid-November to make a decision about that offer. This provides students with time to participate in fall on-campus recruiting.

• If a student is offered a full-time or internship position during the fall semester, that student should have at least until mid-December to make a decision about that offer.

• If a student is offered a full-time position during the spring semester, that student should have at least until mid-April to make a decision about that offer.

• If a student is offered an internship position, that student should have at least 3 weeks to make a decision.

• If offers are made close to the above mentioned deadlines, employers should give students at least 3 weeks to make a decision.

Updated, September 2014

Principles for Employment Professionals

Career Services requests that all employers adhere to the Principles for Employment Professionals, developed by the National Association of College and Employers, in all on- and off-campus recruiting of UMass Amherst students.

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