BDIC Is Your Superpower!

Student shaking an employer's hand at a career fair

Share Your Story Your Way

You know how to advocate for yourself, take the initiative, and think outside the box. These are just some of the skills that employers consistently cite wanting in a new recent graduate. As a BDIC student, you have a unique academic experience, and you want to make sure to highlight it in all professional contexts. When an employer asks, “what makes you stand out from other candidates?”, there are many ways you can answer.

Ways to Share Your BDIC Story

I Initiated a unique process towards my education by creating a course of study that brings multiple disciplines together for deeper study

I Independently sought out faculty support across a large state University to support my research and proposal

I synthesize data/information from a variety of research perspectives in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences to tackle complex societal topics

I utilize deep creativity to develop research and coursework that supports my tailored, well developed academic goals

My course of study has honed my ability to critically analyze projects and approaches, especially when blending multiple concepts

My team excelled in our group project due to the flexibility to innovative ideas that I brought to the group.

As part of my course of study, I created a unique final project that included…

  • The number of pages
  • The topic
  • If you worked alone or with others
  • The aspects you tackled most intensely

I have enhanced my critical thinking skills as I regularly compare and analyze perspectives from various disciplines.

Many social problems require interdisciplinary approaches to produce practical solutions. My understanding and analyzing tasks, data sets and concepts through the lenses of more than one discipline can provide insight on how a topic might apply in various settings.

My course of study encourages tackling complexity of certain topics and allows for ambiguity in information coming from many different perspectives, which is analogous to the world of work sometimes.