Additional Job Searching Resources

Additional Job Search Resources


There are many websites where you can search for positions or post your resume.​


CareerBuilder Network
College Grad
Quintessential Careers
LinkedIn Jobs
ZipRecruiiter - $5 monthly fee, D.C. area jobs

Massachusetts Only

Massachusetts Jobs By Zip Code
Boston Job Source
Massachusetts Job Quest

Part Time/Local - Western, MA

Western Mass Jobs
Student Freelance


Nursing and Healthcare Services

 Browse Liquid Compass Professional Exchange, the largest collection of job openings in healthcare for CNAs and EMTs, through RN graduates. Searchable by state. Updated daily.

Additional Specialty Job Boards

In many cases, employers will place their job listings on specialty job boards that cater to their occupational field, rather than generalized job listings sites. There are hundreds of specialty job banks online. To find one for your field of interest, try a Google search using your occupation. For example, if you’re interested in jobs in environmental issues, search for “environment jobs.” Or try “finance jobs” if you’re looking for a career in finance. You can also search for the type of sector in which you’d like to work, such as “non-profit jobs” or “adventure jobs.”

Professional Associations

Professional associations are one of the most frequently overlooked sources of job listings. It is becoming increasingly common for employers to post jobs through associations, and in many cases, these are the only places they post. In addition, association Web sites often include discussions groups that feature job postings and important career advice. You can find professional associations in your intended occupation by talking to faculty members or people already in the field. You will also find many through a Google search. Search for “professional association” “professional organization” and your field(s) of interest and you will find a wide range of resources.


For access to newspapers in the U.S. and around the world, go to Newspapers Online.

Company Web Sites

If you’re interested in working for a particular company or organization, go to their Web site. Most employers will post openings on their own Web sites first, since this does not cost them anything. Look for links in the navigation such as “human resources” or “career opportunities.”