Student Outcomes

Public health student with bull horn in front of mobile unit that says Community Care in Reach Robert K. Kraft Family

While the University can have the most direct impact on students’ experiences and achievements while they are attending UMass Amherst, we are also interested in our graduates’ achievements later in life and how they view the contributions their UMass Amherst experiences made to their professional, personal, and civic lives. Through our surveys of alums we are able to better understand the particular benefits of a UMass Amherst education and pinpoint areas for additional improvement.

UMass Amherst uses the NACE First-Destination Survey (FDS) to assess student career engagement. The NACE FDS captures information regarding how new college graduates fare in their careers within six months of graduation. The annual initiative provides clear, concise, and consistent data on the outcomes associated with a college education on a national scale. Outcomes include 1) types of employment—full or part time, contract, freelance, and so forth; 2) additional education, e.g., accepted to graduate or professional school; 3) still seeking either employment or further education; 4) and starting salary for those employed full time.

Outcome Highlights for the Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 has demonstrated unprecedented levels of success and engagement just within the first 6 months after their graduation. The data below represents the results from the First Destination Survey for the Class of 2022. 

Undergraduate students who obtained a career outcome related to their field of study
Knowledge rate for the Class of 2022 (Average knowledge rate for other colleges: 55%)
Number of different states the Class of 2022 are working in post graduation
Number of different countries the Class of 2022 are working in post graduation