Welcome to the Career Development Hub

Two students talking to a recruiter at a career fair

Our Mission

The mission of the UMass Career Development and Professional Connections Hub is to educate students in all phases of their career development, to assist them in building meaningful professional connections, and to empower them in making gratifying career decisions that enable them to transition successfully within a diverse and global society. 




Core Values

We believe in lifelong personal and professional development.  This belief lends us to the following core values: 

  • Excellence is achieved through knowledge of best practices combined with reflective hands-on experiences, and a commitment to lifelong learning. 

  • Knowledge of self and openness to those with different perspectives is critical for fostering meaningful relationships across differences and navigating future career aspirations. 

  • Professional development requires the ability to communicate effectively, to collaborate, to build and sustain professional relationships based on respect, and to engage effectively in diverse teams. 

  • Innovation fosters creative problem-solving, the ability to identify future options, and the mindset to build the skills and knowledge to flourish in a changing job market.  

Our Services

We provide comprehensive career services to undergraduate students including self and career exploration, skills development workshops, 1:1 advising, employer recruitment events, and opportunities for networking. We promote a Career Journey approach that is grounded in student development theories and is iterative in design. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who utilize career services will be able to successfully:

  • Identify strengths and interests, and match them to a compatible career path
  • Develop realistic career and professional goals
  • Explore possible life and career options through a variety of venues
  • Learn and use competitive job search skills to secure a meaningful position
  • Build and sustain professional relationships and networks
  • Translate acquired knowledge to employment skills or graduate school success
Bartlett Hall as soon through a canopy of trees


The Career Development and Professional Connections Hub is located on the third floor of Bartlett Hall, to the right of the stairs. Note that while there is an elevator to the third floor, our offices are located down a small flight of stairs. If you require support accessing our office, call (413) 545-2224.