About Career Services


The Career Development and Professional Connections Hub is located at 511 Goodell Hall, opposite the Old Stone Chapel. Click here for a campus map.  Please Note: When you walk into the front doors of Goodell Hall you are already on the 5th floor.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Career Development Hub, and of career centers university-wide, is to educate students in all phases of their career development and to empower them in making gratifying career decisions to develop and transition successfully in a diverse and global society.

Core Values

Career centers across campus provide skill building and networking opportunities for students to engage in lifelong professional development. Professional development requires the ability to communicate effectively, to collaborate, to build and sustain professional relationships based on respect, to engage effectively in multicultural teams, to use technology efficiently, to problem solve, to assume professional leadership roles in the workplace, to identify future options, and to build the skills and knowledge to flourish in a changing job market. Staff members in college-based career development centers build relationships with employers and provide support for faculty and parents as we partner in the career development success of their students. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who utilize career services will be able to successfully:

• Identify strengths and interests, and match them to a compatible career path
• Develop realistic career and professional goals
• Explore possible life and career options through a variety of venues
​• Learn and use competitive job search skills to secure a meaningful position
• Build and sustain professional relationships and networks
• Translate acquired knowledge to employment skills or graduate school success