Appendices Available Upon Request

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Appendix A: Values, Goals, Priorities and Boundaries Guidance Document

Appendix B: Key Terms and Definitions

Appendix C: Engagement Sub-committee Recommendations

Appendix D: Policy Sub-committee Recommendations

Appendix E: CMP Community Q&A

Appendix F: Draft Community-wide Survey

Appendix G: Campus Heating and Cooling Systems Summary

Appendix H: BAU Growth, Energy and Emissions Forecast Details

Appendix I: Cash Flow Details

Appendix J: Sensitivity Analysis

Appendix K: Converting to Low-temperature Hot Water (LTHW)

Appendix L: Ground-Source Heating and Cooling (GHX)

Appendix M: Wastewater Heat Recovery (HR)

Appendix N: Air-Source Heating and Cooling

Appendix O: Decentralized Modern Wood Thermal Systems

Appendix P: Onsite Solar Thermal

Appendix Q: Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Purchasing Options


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