Future Projects

UMass Amherst Campus aerial photo

The Future

How Will We Get to Carbon Zero?

We will build a new, sustainable energy infrastructure to benefit generations to come. 

Projects Happening Now

Past Projects

Steam Vent

Eliminate steam

Replace the campus circulatory heating system—consisting of 26 miles of inefficient steam pipes—to efficient low-temperature hot water.

UMass Central Heating Plant

Stop burning fossil fuels

Transition to a modern low-temperature hot water system that can trade and store energy using a variety of renewable thermal technologies.

HVAC Worker

Accelerate energy efficiency upgrades

Renovate buildings to decrease energy demand and make them compatible with low-temperature hot water.

Solar Canopy Above Parked Cars

Expand the use of renewable energy

Expand on-site solar and ground-source heating and cooling and use more electricity from the rapidly greening grid.

Command Center Screenshot

Enhance our campus energy command center

Improve our ability to track and report energy and sustainability metrics.

UMass Ideation Workshop

Integrate our energy transition work into UMass Amherst culture

Take full advantage of the once-in-a-generation opportunity for research, education, and higher-ed leadership provided by UMass Carbon Zero.