A Legacy of Sustainability

It’s part of a UMass Amherst living lab course in carbon neutrality.

The UMass Store located in the Campus Center has launched the TRASE initiative, a distinct system of assessment that provides sustainability scores for products in campus stores.

iCons' Jared Starr and collaborators publish paper on inequality in carbon emissions and income.


Ted Mendoza, capital project manager in the department of Design and Construction, is interviewed.

A geothermal well was drilled on Haigis Mall as part of the UMass Amherst Carbon Zero Project

UMass Design and Construction Management announces two new test wells on campus.

UMass Amherst graduates are founders of a company using hemp to produce innovative ultracapacitors

For the past 50 years, the University of Massachusetts Amherst has led the way in advancing the field of wind energy through research and education.

Physical Plant Landscape Services recently purchased two Gravely EV Electric Zero Turn Mowers to add to their alternative fuel tool kit, as part of their commitment to supporting the UMass Amherst campus carbon neutrality goals.

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Information is power, and information about power is essential to UMass Carbon Zero, the university’s vision to limit the dangers of climate change and power the campus with 100 percent renewable energy.