Spring Tournaments

Activities that are tournaments or events typically require less commitment than league activities. Tournament formats vary widely from single-elimination, one-day events to five-week tournaments where participants contact each other to set up matches. Teams/individuals should be prepared to play on day/time offered for the start of the event and each day until the tournament/event concludes.

Tournaments/events in order of registration dates

Sports Trivia  | Badminton Doubles |  Racquetball Doubles  |  Table Tennis Doubles  |  Pickleball Doubles | Basketball Skills Contest  |  Tennis Doubles  |   3-on-3 Outdoor Basketball  |  Ultimate Frisbee  |  Homerun Derby | Seniors Last Chance for a T-Shirt: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sports Trivia

Registration begins:  TBD

Sports Trivia os a contest for any team of two. There will be a series of questions with varying point values assigned to each section. The event lasts a couple hours.   Register at the touenament.

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This is a Chancellor's Cup activity

Badminton Doubles

Registration begins: TBD  Tournament Date: TBD

Badminton Doubles is a 1-day tournament. Format dependent on entries.
Sign up  |  Divisions Offered: Women's, Mixed, Open


Table Tennis Doubles

Registration begins: TBD  Tournament begins: TBD

Table Tennis is a tournament played over the course of a weekend in the Recreation Center. Format dependent on entries.
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This is a Chancellor's Cup activity

Basketball Skills

​​​Registration begins at event: TBD

This is a basketball shooting contest held during spring basketball playoffs. There are three events where champions are crowned: Three Point Contest, Free Throw Challenge, Two-Person Shootout
More Information   |  Divisions Offered: Women's, Co-Rec, Open 

Tennis Doubles

Registration begins:  TBD

Tennis Doubles is a tournament scheduled over five weeks. Format dependent on entries. Schedule your own matches by contacting your opponents. Report the scores on IMLeagues.
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3-on-3 Basketball

Registration begins:  TBD

3-on-3 Basketball is a two or three-day tournament. The tournament is self-officiated. A court monitor is present to answer rule questions. The tournament will be held in Boyden gymnasium.
More information  |  Divisions Offered: Women's, Co-Rec, Open 

Ultimate Frisbee

Registration begins: TBD   Tournament begins: TBD

7-on-7 Ultimate Frisbee is a tournament played over a weekend. The tournament is self-officiated and supervised. The tournament is played on the intramural fields.
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Seniors Last Chance For a T-Shirt: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Registration begins at event:  TBD

Seniors: Do you covet one final chance to win a championship T-shirt? Sign up for the Rock, Paper, Scissors championship held outside the Recreation Center at 2:30pm on the first reading day.

All entries must be graduating seniors this semester who have never won an intramural championship t-shirt.
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