Fall Tournaments

Activities that are tournaments or events typically require less commitment than league activities. Tournament formats vary widely from single-elimination, one-day events to five-week tournaments where participants contact each other to set up matches. Teams/individuals should be prepared to play on day/time offered for the start of the event and each day until the tournament/event concludes.

Tournaments/events in order of registration dates

Sand Volleyball  |  ​Cornhole  |  Tennis Singles  |  Pickleball  |  Spikeball  | Kan JamBadminton Singles  |  Table Tennis Singles  |  Holiday Basketball  | Teqball  | 2-Ball Soccer


Registration begins: 9/6/22  Event date: 9/14/21

A one or two-day tournament for two-person teams. Format dependent on entries. Played on intramural fields or in Boyden Gymnasium (depending on weather). Each game scores to 21.
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Sand Volleyball

Registration begins: 9/13/22  Start date: 9/24/22

4-on-4 Sand Volleyball is a weekend tournament played on the Northeast sand volleyball courts. Format dependent on entries.
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Tennis Singles

Registration begins: 9/20/22  Mandatory RSVP Meeting: 9/28/22  Tournament Date: 10/1/22

Tennis Singles is a 1-day tournament. Format dependent on entries. Matches played at the Mullins Tennis Courts
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Kan Jam

Registration begins: 9/27/22  Mandatory RSVP Meeting:  10/4/22  Start Date: 10/5/22

Kan Jam is an event that takes place over 1 or 2 days dependent on entries. Format is pool play followed by a single-elimination playoff. Matches are played in Boyden Gymnasium.
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Registration begins: 10/4/22  Mandatory RSVP Meeting: 10/11/22  Start Date: 10/12/22

2-on-2 Spikeball is a self-officiated, supervised game played with a taut Hula Hoop-sized net placed at ankle level between a pair of two-player teams. A cross between volleyball and foursquare, teams volley a small inflatable ball back and forth off the net. This is a one or two-day event depending on entries.
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Table Tennis Singles

Registration begins: 10/11/22  Mandatory RSVP Meeting: 10/19/22  Start Date: 10/22/22

Table Tennis Singles is a weekend tournament played in the Recreation Center. Format dependent on entries.
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​​​Registration begins: 10/18/22  Mandatory RSVP Meeting: 10/25/22  Start Date: 10/26/22

Pickleball is a fast-paced sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Pickleball is a one-day tournament played on the recreation tennis courts (rain site: Boyden Gym). Format will depend on entries.
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Holiday Basketball

(Will not be offered Fall 2022.)

Registration begins: n/a  Start Date: n/a

Holiday Basketball is a 2 1/2-week tournament that many teams use as a warm-up to the spring 5-on-5 season.
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2-Ball Soccer

Registration begins: 11/1/22  Start Date: 12/14/22

A 2-week indoor tournament. Two balls are in play for a very fast-paced, high-scoring game. Penalty kicks are taken in between halves and at the end of the game once fouls are tallied. Other than for an official's timeout, play is non-stop.Games are played at Boyden Gymnasium.
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Registration begins: 11/1/22  Start Date: 12/14/22

Teqball mixes soccer and tennis, with players kicking a soccer ball over a curved table. This is a 1-day tournament played at the Recreation Center.
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Badminton Singles

Registration begins: 11/15/22  Mandatory RSVP Meeting:  11/30/21 Start Date: 12/3/22

Badminton Singles is a 1-day tournament. Format dependent on entries. Matches played at the Recreation Center.
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