Chancellor's Cup

Chancellors cupChancellor's Cup - A Campus Tradition 

(On Hiatus for 2022-2023)

Leave Your Legacy

2018-2019 Champion: James/Emerson

What is the Chancellor’s Cup?
The Chancellor's Cup is a tradition at UMass. It is an an intramural sports championship for 1st Year Residential clusters and their staff based on participation, sportsmanship and competition in various league and tournament activities that are listed below.

The 3 1/2 foot trophy sits in the Recreation Center trophy case awaiting the 1st Year Cluster champion to be awarded at the end of the year.

Benefits of Participation

  • Build community and relationships within your Residence Hall
  • Participate in traditional sports as well as trying new activities
  • Leave your legacy on a 3 1/2 foot trophy displayed in the Recreation Center as well as a banner displayed in the Residence Hall

How do I sign up my team to participate in the Chancellor's Cup?

In IMLeagues, simply name your team after your residence hall and choose any co-rec, open or mixed activity listed below to sign up in.

How many teams can play?
Only one team may represent the same cluster in each league activity, but up to six racers may represent the same cluster Sports Trivia. If more teams sign up than clusters are allotted, we will choose the team to represent the cluster based on when the team was created in IMLeagues.

Does this mean if there are several co‐rec flag football teams that want to play with their hall mates, they cannot play?
Of course they can play, but only one per cluster can play for the Cup.

All activities
o Teams that participate receive 25 points
o Teams that forfeit games receive ‐30 points
o Teams that receive a 2 in sportsmanship receive ‐20 points
o Teams that receive a 1 or 0 in sportsmanship receive ‐50
o RAs are encouraged to participate
o Individuals from outside the cluster are not permitted to participate

Major activities
o Fall Flag Football (Co‐Rec)
o Winter Basketball (Co‐Rec)
o Spring Softball (Co‐Rec)
o Spring Soccer (Co‐Rec)

  • Cluster Champion receives 150 points

  • Cluster Runnerup receives 100 points

  • Cluster Third Place (the two losing teams in semis) receives 75 points

Smaller activities
o Fall Bean Bag Toss (Open)
o Fall Seated Volleyball (Open)
o Winter Sports Trivia (Open)
o Spring Dodgeball (Co‐Rec)
o Spring Table Tennis Doubles (Mixed)

  • Cluster Champion receives 75 points

  • Cluster Runnerup receives 50 points

  • Cluster Third Place (the two losing teams in semis) receives 25 points

  • For every additional racer or trivia team beyond 1, each cluster receives 5 participation points capped at five additional racers or teams (25 points)

For questions about the Chancellor’s Cup, please contact Nicholas D'Amato at