Intramural Sports FAQ

Q:  What are intramural sports?

A: Intramural sports are organized leagues, tournaments and sports activities divided into separate skill levels for students, faculty and staff. 

Q:  Why get involved?

A: Intramural sports offer activities that promote fun and fair play. Among other benefits, they are a great way to meet new people, relieve stress, build self-esteem, and provide leadership opportunities for those interested.

Q: What intramural sports are offered each semester?  

A: Please refer to the intramural sports homepage for a complete listing of intramural sports for each semester.

Q: How many teams can I play on?

A: Each participant may play on one women's or open team and one co-rec team per sport per season (for a total of two teams per sport activity per season). Participants are encouraged to try multiple activities throughout each semester.

Q: How do I sign up a team?

A: We offer online registration. To register for an activity, log in to

  1. Please follow the instructions on the sign-up guide
  2. If you have any questions about the eligibility of a player on your team, please get approval in the Campus Recreation office (112 Recreation Center) prior to your first game.
  3. Arrive to play with your team a few minutes prior to game time to properly warm up and sign in each player with their valid UCard.

Q: What is the difference between the Top Gun and Just Fun leagues?  

A: Some activities use a seeding system. These sports are separated into two levels of play: Top Gun and Just Fun. Top Gun is the most competitive level of play. Highly skilled, experienced teams should select this level. Just Fun is more recreational and less competitive. Teams with novice players are strongly encouraged to select this level of play. The winners of the Just Fun league will win a commemorative t-shirt while the winners of the Top Gun league will win a Championship T-shirt. If there is no Just Fun or Top Gun designation in a league, then all teams will play for the Championship T-shirt.

Q: How many people per team?  

A: Check the individual sport pages on IMLeagues. Most sports activities allow teams to have as many as 20 players on their rosters, provided they are eligible. A few activities have a firm max. Meaning there can only be a specified number of individuals on a team.

Q: How/when/where can I add/delete players?  

A: Players can be added online through the use of IMleagues throughout the entire season. Players may also be added to the roster at the game site. Although people can be added at the game site throughout league play, it is strongly suggested that people are added online 24 hours in advance of their game to save time when signing in players. The 24 hours will allow the new individual's name to appear on the scoresheet. Arrive early to the game site to allow for adding additional players. If the player is a grad/fac/staff or CE student, a $20 fee must be paid at Member Services and a receipt shown prior to that person participating, unless that player has current recreation membership. Money will not be taken at the game site. Deleting a participant from a roster after they have played in a game must be done in the Recreation & Wellbeing office (112 Recreation Center).

Q: What if I don’t have a team?  

A: All individuals who wish to play a sport, but do not have a team, may sign up as a free agent on by clicking on the "Get Involved" button in the top right and clicking on the league they are interested in. There will be a "Free Agent" button on the top of the page. Free agents are strongly encouraged to remain proactive and contact teams to see if they have a spot for them to play on.

Q: Where do I pick up schedules for the season?  

A: Schedules are posted online through IMLeagues and also can be accessed through the IMLeagues Mobile App.

Q: What happens if I don't go to a mandatory playoff captains meeting?

A: Certain activities require that all teams that are eligible have a representative in attendance at the playoff meeting. If the captain is unable to attend, there must be another player from that team in attendance to receive the necessary information. This representative is then responsible for notifying the team of any changes in rules, policies or procedures for the specific sport. If a representative is not present, the team is ineligible for playoffs. 

Q: What are sportsmanship points?  How are they related to intramural sports?  

A: Sportsmanship points are the 0-4 scale (with 4 as the highest and 0 the lowest) awarded to each team based on their conduct during any intramural contest. Teams are required to maintain an average of 2.75 sportsmanship points for the season to be eligible for playoffs.

Q: What happens if someone on my team is ejected?  

A: It is the captain's and ejected player's responsibility to set up a meeting by appointment with Campus Recreation staff. The team will be ineligible to participate until the player(s) meets with Recreation & Wellbeing staff. The player(s) will also not be permitted to participate in any intramural activity until they have met with Campus Recreation staff. Further sanctions may apply. See the Participant's Guide for more details.

Q: How do we become eligible for playoffs?  

A: To compete in the playoffs, a team must have attended the mandatory playoff captains meeting if applicable, have the required sportsmanship points, have no more than one forfeit and pay the forfeit fee (if forfeited once), and fulfill any other playoff criteria specific to that activity.

Q: I am interested in becoming an official.  What should I do? 

A: Any individual interested in becoming an UMass intramural official should inquire in the Recreation Center.

Q: Do I need experience in the related sport(s) to be an official?

A: No experience is necessary, but it is preferred. We require all our officials to go through a comprehensive training program prior to officiating their first game. More info

Q: What are the overall policies governing the Intramural program?

A: Our policies and procedures are outlined in the Participant's Guide

Q: What if my question wasn't covered above?

A: Contact Recreation & Wellbeing at 413-545-0022 or email