Group Fitness Procedures

Group fitness classes are included in your recreation membership. Full-time, matriculating undergraduate students have recreation membership at no additional cost during the academic year. Faculty, staff, graduates and continuing education students are required to purchase a recreation membership at Member Services in the Recreation Center to participate in group fitness classes.

Group fitness classes are held in multi-purpose activity rooms in the Recreation Center. Activity rooms 118 & 121 are located on level 1. Activity rooms 210 & 215 are located on level 2. Cubbies are located in and near activity rooms for personal belongings.

Registration and No-Show

  • Registration is required for all group fitness classes (register at
  • If you cannot attend a class for which you have registered you must unregister for that class at least 60 minutes before the scheduled class time; otherwise your absence will count as a no-show.
  • Three (3) no-shows will result in a written warning via email.
  • Five (5) no-shows will result in your account being suspended. To restore your account, you will be required to meet with the assistant director for group fitness

To unregister for a class;

  • Log into
  • Sign in if necessary
  • Select your profile (click your face in the circle at top right corner of page)
  • click on "program registrations".
  • find your classes at bottom of page and scroll to the far right.
  • click on the three dots next to the class you want to unregister
  • click "cancel registration".

General Procedures

  • Only activities on the published schedule are permitted in activity rooms.
  • Classes start on time. Participants will not be permitted to enter class once the door is closed.
  • Schedule is subject to change without notice.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in group fitness classes.
  • On occasion, classes may be subbed by a different instructor. The class format may be modified. We hope you stay and enjoy the class!
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of class to get checked in and set up. Classes start on time. Participants will not be permitted to enter class once the door is closed.
  • Proper exercise attire, including footwear and upper and lower body clothing, is required. Bare feet is permitted for designated classes only.
  • Water is permitted in unbreakable containers. Other beverages and food are not permitted.
  • Audio equipment is for instructor use only.
  • Fitness equipment is for its intended purpose and must remain in activity rooms.
  • Personal instruction or training other than scheduled through Recreation & Wellbeing is prohibited.