Meet the Instructors

Business Management and Entrepreneurship 24

Abby was introduced to ABC and HIIT during her first semester of her sophomore year and has loved it ever since! She is very passionate about self-love, fitness, physical and mental health, and strives to help those in her classes through her positivity, music and motivation.
Teaches: ABC with Abby, Abs with Abby

Speech, Hearing ans Language Sciences 26

Ever since taking her first spin class freshman year, Aidan fell in love with the rec spin atmosphere. She has always been into fitness but found it troubling to find workouts that she actually enjoyed. With spin, Aidan found her new passion and quickly became obsessed. Going to spin everyday was now something she looked forward to and she hopes to allow others to feel the same. Aidan hopes to influence others to reach their fitness goals while having fun doing so.
Teaches: Rec and Express Spin

Mathematics 26

Aisling was introduced to Rec Spin during her first week at UMass and loved it immediately! Growing up as a dancer, she loved how it was high energy and how you could dance and have fun on the bike. She was drawn to the fact that it encourages you to work towards being the best version of yourself and that it builds confidence! Aisling hopes to inspire her participants to love it as much as she does by fostering a safe space where you can drop all of worries at the door and where everyone is welcome for an energetic ride!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Legal Sudies and Sport Management 25

Alexa loves to go to the gym to stay fit and destress. She believes that the gym can be a happy place where everyone can push themselves outside of their comfort zone and find motivation to keep going. She hopes her class will be a safe space where everyone will grow and have fun!
Teaches: Core Cardio Crush

English 24

Alexa loves to go to the gym to stay fit and destress. She believes that the gym can be a happy place where everyone can push themselves outside of their comfort zone and find motivation to keep going. She hopes her class will be a safe space where everyone will grow and have fun!
Teaches: Yoga, Pilates

Nutrition 26

Amber fell in love with fitness and weightlifting because she loves how strong and powerful it makes her feel. She started taking fitness classes at the rec as soon as she came to UMASS and instantly fell in love with the community at the rec center. Between her passion for nutrition and fitness, her goal is to help people form a healthy relationship with their body and become the best versions of themselves.
Teaches: Booty Burn and Power Hour

Nutrition 26

Amber fell in love with fitness and weightlifting because she loves how strong and powerful it makes her feel. She started taking fitness classes at the rec as soon as she came to UMASS and instantly fell in love with the community at the rec center. Between her passion for nutrition and fitness, her goal is to help people form a healthy relationship with their body and become the best versions of themselves.
Teaches: Booty Burn and Power Hour

Statistics (PhD) 24

Anjali has been a fan of Rec Spin since her first year at UMass! She loves the musicality of spin and the emphasis on letting go and having fun. Anjali is excited to share her love for spin with participants and watch their strength and self-confidence grow!
Teaches: Rec Spin

History 25

Anna was introduced to Rec Spin during her first semester at UMass and became utterly obsessed! After being an athlete all her life, she was drawn to the tight-knit, supportive community within group fitness that encourages self-love and a great workout! As an aspiring high school teacher, Anna hopes to foster a safe and comfortable space to express oneself and to inspire her participants to better themselves physically and mentally! Going into her third semester as an instructor, Anna will also be a Group Fitness Manager for Campus Recreation and Well-being.
Teaches: Rec Spin

Nutrition 25

Ariana was introduced to yoga by her mom to alleviate pains from running cross country in high school. After her first yoga class, she was hooked! She knew she would eventually want to teach and travel the world on yoga retreats with her mom. She loved the tight-knit, supportive yoga family at her studio and she knew she would want to create that warm and inviting space for her students when she taught her classes. Ariana is so excited to bring that dream to reality at Campus Rec this year!
Teaches: Creative Vinyasa Yoga

Kinesiology 25

Bella's relationship with yoga began five years ago, when she discovered her love for physical and mental well-being. She combines principles of movement and breath work to discover an avenue of self-healing and growth. She encourages a loving self practice to transform and improve the soul of the world.
Teaches: Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, & Yin yoga

Caroline B
Communications 25

Caroline was a transfer student during the spring semester of her freshman year. She took a rec spin class and quickly fell in love with the atmosphere of the class. She knew after the first rec spin class she took here at UMass that she wanted to be a spin instructor. Her goal is to provide a safe space and help build confidence for students not only in the spin room but throughout the rec center and on campus. She can not wait to share her love for fitness with each and every student.
Teaches: Rec Spin

Caroline M
Journalism (Public Relations) 24

Caroline was drawn to group fitness after transferring and retiring from her sport. She loves the team atmosphere group fitness brings. She incorporates fun movements into her workouts for a balance of strengthening and stretching the body. She hopes to foster community energy in her classes and hopes everyone leaves feeling strong and empowered!
Teaches: Pilates

Natural Resources Conservation

Christina fell in love with spinning her freshman year and has evolved and grown so much as a person because of it. Her spin philosophy is that everyone starts somewhere, and to not fear the unknown. She brings a supportive, dedicated, and fun-loving energy to the atmosphere in her classes and is ready to welcome anyone and everyone!
Teaches: Rec Spin, Barre

Public Health Science 25

Christina fell in love with spinning her freshman year and has evolved and grown so much as a person because of it. Her spin philosophy is that everyone starts somewhere, and to not fear the unknown. She brings a supportive, dedicated, and fun-loving energy to the atmosphere in her classes and is ready to welcome anyone and everyone!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Marketing 26

Ciara was introduced to spin during the pandemic and fell in love with the high energy of the class. Ciara continued taking spin classes at the rec during her first year at college. She immediately felt the welcoming community and atmosphere the rec brought which encouraged her to become a spin instructor. Ciara looks forward to creating a fun, welcoming, and motivational space for everyone to come to!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Daniella was introduced to spin as a freshman in high school and has been addicted ever since. She loves various aspects including the balance of structure and flexibility of the workout, the encouraging and friendly community, and the music! She is eager to share her love for fitness and spin while creating an engaging and upbeat atmosphere in her classes!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Neuroscience 25

When Ella started her yoga practice, she found that it was a motivational way of exercising both body and mind. She works to show others how to listen to their bodies and find a sense of calm. Ella is passionate about helping others cultivate zen through finding a balance between effort and ease with a strong focus on the breath.
Teaches: Vinyasa/Hatha/Yoga for Relaxation

Public Health 25

Elsa had a passion for fitness her whole life and when she came to the Rec she fell in love with pilates and strength training. She jumped at the opportunity to become an instructor to share her passion and excitement for living a healthy lifestyle especially throughout college.
Teaches: Pilates, Total Body Strength

Emma A
Hospitality & Tourism Business

Emma took her first spin class at RecWell her freshman year and has loved it ever since. After dancing her whole life, she found the choreography and music of spin class similar to her time on dance team. She hopes to create a high energy and fun environment in her classes!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Emma B
Speech Language and Hearing Science, Psychology 24

Emma has been taking spin classes since the beginning of her sophomore year and immediately fell in love with them. She loves the energy it radiates and how amazing it can make you feel. She wants to continue to share this positive energy with others in her own classes!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Emma D
Communication 26

Emma has been involved in fitness for many years and it is something that she is very passionate about. The first spin class she took at Campus Recreation and Well-being, she instantly knew she wanted to be an instructor. This will be her second semester teaching at RecWell. Emma loves encouraging and motivating participants, and making them feel good in their own skin. She hopes to continue to build new relationships and connect with new people! 
Teaches: Spin

Emma M

Emma has been dancing since she was 8 years old, she started teaching ballet at UMass Rec her freshman year in hopes of spreading her love for dance and fitness to her fellow students. Emma aims to create a fun loving culture in her classroom, build friendships with her students, and challenge participants to always put their best foot forward in a safe and welcoming environment.
Teaches: Ballet & Pilates

Nutrition 25

Erika quickly began to find her passion in spin when her best friend introduced her to it in sixth grade. For 15 years of her life, Erika was involved in competitive cheerleading which motivated her to take her skills and apply them to her love for spin. Erika looks forward to creating a safe space where everyone feels like their best version of themselves and hopes that they can leave the room with a clear mind and ready to take on any challenges thrown their way.
Teaches: Spin

Public Health 24

Fatma found her passion for Spin through UMass Campus Recreation & Wellbeing. She loves the RecWell community for it’s ability to foster a safe and welcoming environment. Fatma hopes to contribute to such environment with positivity through an upbeat spin workout for those at all fitness levels. She believes that through the sense of community as well as a challenging and healing atmosphere, people can return to any workout class with confidence! She loves meeting new people - Ask her about her love for books!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Nursing 25

Finella has been an athlete her whole life but when she came to UMass freshman year, she felt lost in the gym. Taking group fitness classes allowed her to find her passion for strength training and become apart of an amazing community. Finella’s goal is to create a safe space for everyone of all experience-levels to workout and gain confidence in the gym. She strives to make her class a fun, supportive environment for everyone to achieve their personal fitness goals!
Teaches: Total Body Strength, Booty Burn

Accounting 24

Hayley started going to Rec Spin in the beginning of her sophomore year & immediately fell in love with it. She loves that you are able to step into a room and for 45 minutes you can put all outside responsibilities aside and just ride to the music while getting in a great workout & creating a powerful environment with the people around you. She strives to create an environment where everyone has fun & leaves feeling empowered.
Teaches: Rec Spin

Nursing 26

Hizy took her first classes here at the rec during her second semester at UMASS. After dealing with the fast-paced environment, and having a hard time adjusting, she felt that the yoga classes at the rec offered her a place for peace of mind. As an aspiring nurse, Hizy hopes to help patrons feel comfortable and safe in her class. She hopes to provide a space for mental freedom, and somewhere where you can come to relax and unwind!
Teaches: Morning Meditation and Yin Yoga

Finance and Sport Management 25

Jordan has had a passion for fitness as long as she can remember and intends to help others discover how fitness can improve their mental and physical well being. She is a certified Orangetheory Fitness coach in her hometown and this will be her second year teaching Rec Spin at UMass! She will leave you feeling accomplished and empowered through an upbeat and motivating workout!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Mathematics, Computer Science 23

Josh Bornstein is a passionate yoga instructor with over a year of teaching experience. His yoga classes are a blend of strength, mobility, and skill development, infused with introspection and mindfulness. Beyond yoga Josh is an avid snowboarder and juggler.
Teaches: Yoga

Legal Studies 24

Joy fell in love with spin as the first form of cardio that she truly enjoyed. Since discovering spin, her love for fitness has grown exponentially. She hopes to inspire others to understand the impact that working out can have not only physically but most of all, mentally and how special it is to share a workout with others in a group fitness class. Spin has changed Joy's life and she hopes to inspire others to fall in love with it as well!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Political Science 25

Kaitlyn was introduced to Zumba her freshman year at UMass and immediately fell in love! As someone who grew up loving dance she finally found a workout that made fitness enjoyable. Inspired by her instructors and the community Zumba provided, she decided after two years of being a participant it was time to teach her own class! Kaitlyn aims to create a safe, fun space in her class where people can express themselves through dance while also getting in a workout!
Teaches: Zumba

Nutrition 4+1 23

Kaylyn fell in love with Pilates her first year at UMass and knew she had to take the opportunity to become an instructor herself. While Pilates was her first love, she eventually found a passion for Rec Spin along the way and got certified to teach. Outside of class, Kaylyn enjoys trying new foods, traveling, reading, and training to do a handstand. She’s so excited to be a part of the energy group fitness brings!
Teaches: Pilates, Rec Spin

Operations and Information Management, Journalism 25

Laleh began doing Pilates in 2020, intensifying her routine once she started college. She values personal wellness and believes in the balance between mental and physical strength. As an instructor, Laleh aims to cultivate an environment where participants of all levels can engage in gentle and impactful movement. Through Laleh’s Pilates classes, participants will increase their strength, stamina, and personal confidence.
Teaches: Pilates

Psychology 25

Lauren has been taking group fit classes since her freshman year and is passionate about encouraging women to go beyond their comfort zones to achieve their goals. Lauren loves to inspire others to show up for themselves and is so excited to be teaching spin for her third semester! Lauren is also a Group Fitness Manager for Recreation & Wellbeing.
Teaches: Spin

Finance 24

Lexi started teaching classes her sophomore year and has never looked back! As a fitness enthusiast, she combines her studies with her love for exercise by teaching dynamic fitness classes at the Recwell. With a focus on fostering a positive and inclusive environment, she strives to empower fellow students to achieve their fitness goals while balancing the demands of their academic life. Join her classes to sweat, inspire, and thrive together!
Teaches: Booty Burn

Accounting 26

Lexy started going to group fitness classes as a freshman. She loved how motivating the classes were and how invested the instructors were in creating a fun, challenging class. Her goal while teaching is to create a safe space for people to get stronger, feel confident, and most importantly have fun.
Teaches: Total Body Strength

Accelerated Nursing 25 (post grad program)

Libby has always been passionate about fitness and started going to a pilates studio last summer that made her want to teach. When she’s not in the gym, on her mat, or going for a run, she’s reading a good book, searching for the perfect latte, or experimenting with new fun recipes. Her goal is to help those who come to her class find an exercise routine that’s sustainable and fulfilling, as well as an accepting community they want to be a part of. 
Teaches: Pilates

Computer Science and Mathematics 25

Growing up always involved in team sports, Lindsay gravitated towards group settings for workouts due to the accountability and community they offered. Trying out a variety of group fit classes her first year allowed Lindsay to find a favorite in Kick-It by Eliza, a full body cardio workout choreographed to music. She loved that Kick-It offered her a fun way to relieve the stress from her academic responsibilities and the adjustment to life away from home. Now as an instructor, Lindsay hopes to lead a class that leaves participants feeling physically accomplished and mentally refreshed.
Teaches: Kick It by Eliza

Communications and Journalism 26

Lucy decided to become a group fit instructor after finding a passion for fitness during her first semester of college. By working out, she helps strengthen her body and clear her mind! The community at the recwell drew lucy in and she’s super excited to start her first semester teaching.
Teaches: Barre

Nutrition 25

Maddy took just one spin class before deciding she wanted to teach. Her highly outgoing and extroverted personality, combined with her passion for working out, enabled Maddy to see herself working as an instructor. She loves to make exercise a fun experience and motivate people.
Teaches: Express Spin

Marketing 25

Maeve took her first Acrobatic & Partner Yoga as a freshman at UMass was instantly hooked! Her background in gymnastics and track and field sparked her love for staying active and going upside down. She hopes to maintain an upbeat and social atmosphere in her classes to make people want to come back to Recreation & Wellbeing!
Teaches: Acro & Partner Yoga, Inversions

Finance 24

Mary trained as a dancer her whole life and when she got to Umass she fell in love with Zumba because it incorporated dance and cardio. She now also teaches full body strength classes, where she can share her love for weight training as well. Mary believes that everyone can benefit from classes at RecWell and is looking forward to another great semester.
Teaches: Zumba, Full Body Strength

Kinesiology and Psychology 24

Megan has been spinning since high school and once she got to UMass she fell in love with Rec spin and the sense of community and friendships she found in the class so she pursued her passion of becoming an instructor. In her class you will find a welcoming and positive atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to be the best version of themselves and have fun!
Teaches: Rec Spin

Psychology (Min. Business) 24

Mila is so excited to help others learn to use fitness as a way to clear their minds, de-stress and find their community. She believes that group fitness provides a space for like-minded, uplifting and driven individuals to share a space where they feel supported and empowered. You can expect to sweat to high energy music and be pushed to try new exercises to work your whole body.
Teaches: Rec Spin, Total Body Burn, Booty Burn

Psychology and Speech Language Hearing Sciences

Millie has always loved going upside down and flying through the air. In the acrobatic and partner yoga class she found that it was everything she loved. She decided that she also wanted to teach the UMass Community to juggle! With her Circus Arts background she felt right at home. The classes are inviting, challenging and she learns something new each time. She strives to help foster connection and community and teach people to juggle and stand on their heads. She is so excited to join the Recreation & Wellbeing team to achieve these goals.
Teaches: Acrobatic and Partner Yoga, Juggling 101, Inversions

Kinesiology pre-med track 25

Nicky was introduced to strength training her senior year of high school and when she arrived at the rec center, she loved training in the weight rooms. After going to several other group fitness classes, strength training and other disciplines as well, she loved the kindness that all group fitness instructors showed her. Nicky strives to create inclusivity for any skill or strength level for her class with energetic throwback songs. Besides strength training, Nicky loves to bake, cook, and sow.
Teaches: Total Body Strength

Nicole C
Environmental Science 26

Nicole grew up competitively figure skating, utilizing Pilates as a strengthening and conditioning method. She has always loved creating her own body weight workouts and jumped at the opportunity to teach at the rec. She is a sophomore currently majoring in environmental science.
Teaches: Pilates

Nicole L
Nursing 26

Nicole became involved with group fitness classes in the fall of freshman year. She attended a variety of classes and enjoyed the welcoming environment and sense of accomplishment after class. After being an athlete throughout high school, Nicole wanted to continue her fitness journey as a group fitness instructor. She hopes to create a fun and engaging space that helps her participants to walk out feeling better than they walked in!
Teaches: Booty Burn

Marketing (Mon. Psychology) 25

Olivia first discovered Rec Spin in high school and has been doing it ever since. She has been involved with team sports her entire life and loves how spin creates the same positive atmosphere. Olivia is passionate about using exercise to better both mental and physical health.
Teaches: Rec Spin

Speech Language and Hearing Science 25

Paulina is a health and fitness enthusiast who has a passion for creating positive wellness spaces that will motivate and inspire! As an avid runner who’s trained herself for marathons, it’s her goal to make running more inclusive and less intimidating. This is why she has started a, first of its kind, running program at UMass. Paulina has also established an inviting space for her other favorite fitness activity, strength training, in her Muscle building Monday class!
Teaches: Muscle Building Monday

Psychology 24

Rachel was introduced to yoga in 2020, where she fell in love with the peace and calm it provided her. She began practicing more consistently in college and fell in love with the campus recreation classes. When she became a part of the meditation club on campus, she learned to incorporate a more mindful practice into her yoga routines. By working at campus recreation, Rachel hopes to reciprocate this positive and relaxing environment for her students that she received.
Teaches: Slow Flow Yoga

OIM 26

During her freshman year Reese started going to the gym, and quickly realized she loved working out and strengthening her body. Because of this she decided to become a group fit instructor and inspire others to find their passion for health and fitness.
Teaches: Pilates

Managerial Economics 25

Riley started taking Rec Spin classes her second semester at UMass and loved every second of it! She wanted to take the leadership skills she learned in sports to lead classes. As someone who struggled to find her place during her first semester, she wants to try and foster an environment where people can feel like they belong and have fun while working out and taking care of themselves!
Teaches: Spin

Dance 26

Sadie has always enjoyed teaching dance classes, so she jumped at the opportunity to become a group fitness instructor at UMass Amherst. She found a passion for bootcamp and strength classes her freshman year and wants to bring the joy of moving and feeling strong to others. Her classes are a positive, inclusive community where you can learn new things, push yourself, and feel your best!
Teaches: Full Body Fitness

Higher Education 24

Sam has taken group fit and zumba classes for years and was inspired to start teaching her own classes! She wants to show participants that exercise can, and should, be an enjoyable activity. As a masters student studying education, she hopes to connect with students in and out of the classroom. Sam hopes to create an energized space for all participants to move their bodies and exercise in a fun way!
Teaches: Zumba & Core

Sarah D
Neuroscience 25

Sarah has loved discovering new ways to stay active. she started practicing yoga in 2020 to find a way to move that gives her a space for healing and movement. she teaches yin and Vinyasa yoga, two practices in yoga that connect breath with movement, creating a vacation into the present. she hopes to foster the same experience for any of those that step into her yoga class - to find a place of serenity, healing, and movement through the breath. talk to Sarah about books!
Teaches: Vin and Vinyasa

Sarah T
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Italian Studies 24

Sarah has been teaching ballet and pilates for several years and is now sharing her love of movement with others at Recreation & Wellbeing. She believes that everyone can benefit from the flexibility and stability that ballet and pilates provides, whether you’re looking to get back into dance or looking for something new. Her classes incorporate the traditional ballet format and positions (no piano music!) with a focus on your goals.
Teaches: Ballet, Pilates

Nursing 25

Sasha has played sports her whole life and loves how moving her body makes her feel. She views exercise as a privilege and believes it should be fun! She hopes her participants leave her class feeling energized and empowered!
Teaches: Core Cardio Crush

Communications 25

Sophia has had a passion for dance all of her life! Since she was a toddler she had been taking tap, jazz, ballet, and in her teenage years became a competitive hip hop dancer. Sophia loves how Zumba incorporates all styles of dance, specifically Latin rhythms. As a former business student at UMass Lowell, Sophia is thrilled to bring her passion for dance to our UMass community! She also loves going to the gym, fashion, writing & creativity.
Teaches: Zumba

IUM 25

Sydney started teaching spin classes when she realized it was a great opportunity to share her love for fitness and music while motivating others to take care of themselves. As an instructor, Sydney loves the sense of community she is able to create that supports mental and physical health. In her classes Sydney hopes to make you feel like you belong, are challenging yourself, and making friends while you get a great workout!
Teaches: Spin

Kinesiology 26

Wesley joined Recwell in 2023 as a Beginner's Coach for Striking fundamentals. Having trained in combat sports since Middle School he loves showing beginners the fundamentals and seeing them succeed. With a focus on boxing, he hopes to create a safe space for new exercisers. He will show you the ropes!

Teaches: Cardio Kickboxing and Beginners Boxing

Biochemistry and Neuroscience 25

Zsuzsa first began practicing yoga during a time in quarantine and fell in love with the movement, the flow and the peace of mind. Although for most of her life she was a competitive athlete, the process of slowing down and tuning in is often a greater physical and mental challenge, one that she works towards everyday. She continues to try to embed the teachings of yoga into everyday life and extend the beauty of breath, reflection and play to everyone!!
Teaches: Power Yoga