Meet the Instructors

Sociology 19

Alana came to UMass to pursue a BA in sociology. Her classes bring together elements of strength, balance and flexibility in a lively vinyasa sequence. She enjoys the challenge yoga presents on the mat and the sense of tranquility it offers off the mat.
Teaches: Vinyasa Yoga

Communication (Spanish minor) 20

Alexa has a passion for exercise and believes in having a positive attitude. She loves meeting new people and trying new things.
Teaches: Cardio Kickboxing


Teaches: Cardio Hip-Hop

Accounting 20

Allison joined Campus Recreation in fall 2017. She took her first Zumba class at the Rec Center and loved it. She decided to become certified and give others a fun way to exercise. Her goal is to have her participants smiling by the end and feeling good about themselves.
Teaches: Zumba®, 30-Minute Abs

Becca C
Industrial Engineering 19

Rebecca started practicing yoga in 2015 as a way to exercise and de-stress. After attending one Broga® Yoga class, she was hooked. This class combined her new-found love of yoga with her old love -- that super sweaty, sore feeling you get after a really good workout. Rebecca hopes to spread peace and laughter one pose at a time. 
Teaches: Broga® Yoga

Becca P.


Kinesiology 19

Bri enjoys teaching a class that is fun, motivational and a great workout for all skill levels. She is thankful for the opportunity to teach Spinning® at UMass Campus Recreation.
Teaches: Spinning®

Finance and Public Health ‘20

Brooks wants you to push yourself and see how strong you are. Brooks likes challenging everyone with a variety of moves and speeds on the bike. He hopes his classes will help people grow and change themselves for the better.
Teaches: Rec Spin

Nutrition 20

Caleigh became inspired by the passion of group fitness instructors at Campus Rec and decided to pursue a certification in Spinning®. She hopes that with teaching she can help motivate others to create healthy relationships with fitness/wellness.  
Teaches: Express Spin
® Spin® & Body, Spin & Core

Teaches: Spinning, Spin & Core

Communication (Spanish minor) 20

Carol found a love for group fitness her freshmen year and decided to share her passion by teaching group fit. She is very excited to meet new people.
Teaches: 30-Minute Abs, Pilates

ChristinaChristina D.
Nursing 19

Christina found and fell in love with the fitness/wellness field during her freshman. Her fitness routine is centered around strength training, interval training,and outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking. She hopes that her challenging (but fun!) classes will inspire those new to strength training to incorporate it into their own fitness routines, and to begin to view exercise as something they want to do versus something they must do.
Teaches: Spin
® & Body, Boot Camp

ChristinaChristina W.
Nursing 19

Christina loves to stay active by playing frisbee with UMass Women's Club Ultimate as well as hiking, running races and teaching Spinning®. Her favorite part of teaching Spinning® is that she gets to inspire people to live an active lifestyle and make exercise fun.
Teaches: Rec Spin

Psychology 20

Claire has a strong gymnastics and dance background and focuses on making her classes challenging while also fun and enjoyable.
Teaches: Total Body Burn


Operations & Information Management 19

From a young age, Daphne has always loved exercising and staying active, participating in soccer, dance and gymnastics. In high achool, Daphne joined the cross country and track team and developed her passion for running. Daphne continues to run but also found her passion for Broga® Yoga while looking for ways to cross train. As an instructor, Daphne hopes to share her passion for yoga, motivate students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and challenge them both mentally and physically.
Teaches: Acrobatic Vinyasa Yoga, Broga®

Psychology 19

Deana's classes are high energy and focus on having fun while getting a great workout. Deana's ultimate goals as a group fit instructor are to motivate others and create an enjoyable fitness environment.
Teaches: 30-Minute Abs, Zumba

Teaches: Zumba

Teaches: Express Spin®, Spinning®

Community Health Education 19

Emily completed her Bachelor's Degree at UMass in Public Health. She is now a graduate student getting her Master's Degree in Community Health Education. She has participated in many different forms of exercise, but she knew after her first spin class that one day she would be teaching Spinning®.
Teaches: Spin
® & Body, 30-Minute Abs, Cardio Hip-Hop

Teaches: Cardio HipHop

Teaches: TRX
® Boot Camp, 30-Minute Abs, Spin® & Body

Teaches: Express Spin®

Teaches: Spinning

Biology & Sustainable Food and Farming 19

Jackie wants to be a high school science teacher and own a flower farm. Her classes are high energy and bring fun and fitness together. Jackie is excited to continue sharing her love for fitness and community at UMass Campus Recreation.
Teaches: Cardio Kickboxing, Total Body Burn

(Spanish & Psychology minor) 19

Jessica played lacrosse and danced competitively for 15 years. She first heard about Zumba® when a friend told her it would be "an hour long dance party." After that first class, she starting taking classes every day and fell in love with ®Zumba. Jessica hopes to give her participants new dance moves in a fun environment so they will reap the emotional and physical benefits of group fitness.
Teaches: Pilates, Total Body Conditioning, 30-Minute Abs

Assistant Director/Fitness and Wellness

Jill graduated from UMass with honors with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and Community Health. Prior to joining Campus Recreation in 2009, Jill had competed in fitness and bodybuilding. She still trains regularly, enjoys running and is always trying new things. Jill believes that family comes first, that friends should always make your life better, and the little things really do matter. Jill's certifications include first aid/CPR/AED, Spinning®, Yoga and Barre.
Teaches: Dharma Meditation, Meditation & Relaxation, Acrobatic Vinyasa Yoga

Julia E.
Mathematics 19
Julia began taking group fitness classes during her freshman year at UMass as a stress-relieving outlet and way to stay physically active. She continues to promote both the physical and mental benefits of exercise during her classes, and encourages you to appreciate all of the positive effects of physical activity. Julia’s high energy class, taught to the rhythm of up-beat music, allows you to work your hardest AND enjoy your time in class.

Teaches Spin® & Body, Spin® & Core

Julia T.
Public Health 18

Teaches: Spin® & Core


Nursing and Biology 20

Katherine's classes have a strong focus on moving and having fun while keeping proper technique. Katherine enjoys teaching and helping others to do the best they can and looks forward to working with everyone.
Teaches: Ballet, Cardio Dance

Katie N
Teaches: Spinning

Katie V
Teaches: Vinyasa Yoga

Kelly C.
PR Engineering 21

Growing up in New York City, Kelly grew to love with yoga through community-based classes. Yoga became a way to bring anyone and everyone together. In teaching broga, Kelly focuses on making yoga (and it’s many forms) accessible to everybody, regardless of background or ability.
Teaches: Vonyasa Yoga, Acrobatic Vinyasa Yoga, BRoga

KellyKelly J.
Operations/Information Management & Legal Studies 19

Kelly's classes are focused on strengthening the body and ensuring proper form. Kelly enjoys challenging her participants while also encouraging them to go at their own pace. She is excited to encourage others to get moving and have fun.
Teaches: Cardio Kickboxing, TRX
® Boot Camp
Teaches:  Spinning
®, Rec Spin

Kinesiology 20

Kylie's passion for health and fitness was inspired by her mother who was an instructor for over 20 years. Friendly and motivating, Kylie will help you achieve your fitness goals while having fun.
Teaches: Boot Camp

Teaches: Pilates

Lauren K.
Operations & Information Management 20

Lauren teaches TRX Classes that vary in focus each week. From a yoga fusion class to hard core boot camp style training, Lauren really emphasizes an approach to fitness that includes all modalities. Strength, cardio, and sometimes partner workouts are included in her classes. 

Teaches: TRX® Boot Camp

Mackensie W.
Marketing and Sport Management 19

Mackensie's classes emphasize the importance of weight training and proper form. Mackensie formats her class with a structure that allows anyone of any age to utilize various progressions to build into various movements. Mackensie feels lucky to have the opportunity to help people reach various fitness goals and looks forward to the energy that comes out of the room each time a class ends.
Teaches: Boot Camp

Operations & Information Management 19

Maddy interns at TJX Companies. Maddy has danced her whole life and was on the UMass Dance Company. She wants to continue that passion and share her love for working out and toning.
Teaches: Barre, Spin
® & Barre, Spin® & Core, Spinning®

Psychology 19

Marissa hopes people leave her class feeling better than when they walked in the room. She uses upbeat music and positive encouragement to drive her high-energy cardio classes.
Teaches: Spin® & Core, Cardio Kickboxing, Spin® & Body, Boot Camp


Teaches: Power Vinyasa Yoga

Nursing 20

Ever since attending her first few group fitness classes, Meghan knew right away it was something she wanted to do. She fell in love with the positivity, empowerment and pure fun that comes with every workout. She developed a strong passion for Spinning®, which she can't wait to share with all her riders. Meghan wants her classes to be a place where stress can be forgotten and everyone can feel good about themselves.
Teaches:  Rec Spin, Express Spin

Teaches: Basic Self-Defense

English 19

Teaches: Cardio Kickboxing


Speech Pathology 19

Nancy is a passionate practitioner of yin yoga. While teaching, she aims to create a nurturing environment where students feel free to express themselves. 
Teaches: Yin Yoga

Teaches: Zumba

Nursing 19

Nicole plays women’s club lacrosse here at UMass and loves attending group fitness classes. In high school, Nicole played volleyball, ice hockey and lacrosse and was captain for all three sports her senior year. In the summer, she stays active with CorePower Hot Yoga Sculpt and attends group fitness classes at Boston Sports Club. Nicole loves feeling refreshed and accomplished after completing a fitness class. Her love for Spinning® was influenced by the indescribable sweaty and sore feeling after each class. She loves to motivate people to their potential.
Teaches: Spin® & Barre

Public Health 20

Nina wants to eliminate the intimidating stereotypes that surround group fitness classes. She believes in a positive environment where everyone can push themselves to their personal best. With fun music and energetic encouragement, her classes are for everyone looking to try something new and get a good sweat.
Teaches: Spin® & Core

Teaches:  Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Philosophy & Meditation, Power Yoga & Meditation

Samantha C.
Computer Science 19

Sam likes to keep a nice physical balance in her life by teaching technique and flexibility-oriented classes (ballet), along with classes that keep life light and fun (Zumba®) She's happy to be able to share her passion for movement and expression with her fellow students and peers.
Teaches: Ballet, Zumba®

Teaches: Rec Spin

Communication 20

Sarah started taking Buti Yoga last year and ever since then was instantly hooked. It is an upbeat, cardio intensive workout combined with the powerful flow yoga brings to the mat. If you’re looking for a good workout and good sweat, then Buti Yoga is for you. Each class allows everyone to have fun while still pushing past limits and making a strong mind-body connection.

Teaches: Ballet

Kinesiology 19

Shannon's classes focus on building strength, using proper form and having fun. Shannon enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals and is proud to be part of such a positive environment.
Teaches: TEX
® Boot Camp

Teaches: Spinning®

TaylorTaylor B.
Kinesiology and Nutrition 20

Taylor enjoys teaching and helping others to challenge themselves. Her classes incorporate strength training and cardio-respiratory training into a challenging yet rewarding class. Taylor feels extremely fortunate to be able to bring her love for health and wellness to Campus Recreation.
Teaches: TRX
® Boot Camp, 30-Minute Boot Camp