Class Benefits

Spinning Classes

If you ever walk to the end of the hallway on our ground floor, you’ll often see a Spinning® class. With upbeat music, high energy instructors and enthusiastic participants, our Spinning® classes are a great way to workout in a positive atmosphere. While many people are die-hard spinners, others may feel intimidated by the class. But hesitant or not, Spinning® is a class that has many benefits and is certainly worth a try.

  • Heart health: Spinning® instructors use intervals to get your heart pumping and to challenge your comfort zone. In turn, Spinning® classes build your endurance and cardiovascular strength.

  • Spin at your own pace: There is no pressure in Spinning® because you control the level of resistance you pedal against. You are able to feel in control of your workout and can push yourself as much or as little as you’d like.

  • Tone your muscles: Spinning® classes can help you tone your legs, arms and abdominals. Instructors incorporate pedal resistance for your legs and push-up motions on the handlebars for your arms. Instructors encourage you to engage your core muscles as you ride.

  • Stay motivated: Spinning®, like all our group fitness classes, is a group exercise, so you’ll never lose motivation to keep going. With that, plus the instructor’s motivating words and pumped-up music, you’ll want to push yourself to the end of the class.

  • Sweat and feel amazing: After a Spinning® class, it is almost unheard of for someone not to be drenched in sweat. When you are stretching and putting away your bike, you will get a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction with the workout you just finished.

Cardio Classes

Want to break a sweat, work your muscles and feel like a force to be reckoned with? Cardio classes may be your new favorite workout.

  • Improve coordination: Whether you think you're highly coordinated or not coordinated at all, cardio classes will help you improve your reflexes and coordination by following your instructor through a series of low weight, but high repetition exercises.

  • Increase strength: The fast-paced speed of cardio classes challenges your entire body in different ways. You will jump, crunch, run, plank, and squat your way to a stronger body.

    Feel great: After an hour of high impact cardio, you’ll feel accomplished and confident, and you’ll feel better knowing that you did something positive for your body.

  • Improve endurance: Since cardio classes include cardio moves, floor work and intervals, your endurance will increase over time as you get in better shape.

  • Boost energy and de-stress: Cardio classes, like any workout, help you boost energy and de-stress through deep breathing, sweating out toxins and releasing endorphins.

Dance Classes

Uninterested in classes that leave you exhausted and terribly sore? Want to get in a good sweat while having fun? Try our dance classes.

  • Cardio in disguise: In a dance fitness class, you will be too focused on dancing and moving around to notice that you are actually sweating up a storm. Classes are more like a group dance party than a group exercise class.

  • Work your brain: Focusing on the instructor and working to follow along will keep your mind working hard while keeping it entertained. 

  • Work your body: The moves in dance classes are designed to work your body. The dances will incorporate jumping, squatting, lunging, and core work to challenge your body in a different way. 

  • Expose yourself to a new kind of dance: Never tried Latin dancing? Try Zumba® or Zumba® Core. Want to step out of your comfort zone and work your middle? Try belly dancing. You’ll gain knowledge of dances you may not have learned about otherwise.

All levels are welcome. Whether you are a dance expert or new to the classes, you will feel no pressure to keep up with the classes. Our dance classes are truly designed to appeal to all skill levels.