Facility Reservations

Only organized activities/groups sponsored or approved by Recreation & Wellbeing are permitted in the Recreation Center. Registered Student Organizations (RSO) interested in reserving facility space or University and non-University groups wishing to rent facility space must complete the Facility Reservation Request Form and contact Facility Operations Manager Roger Heimerman at rheimerm@umass.edu or 413-577-3868.

Approval of a facility reservation request depends on priority scheduling, room availability, date(s) of facility request, submission date of the reservation request, scope and nature of the activity/event and impact on existing programs. Recreation & Wellbeing reserves the right to deny any facility reservation request.

Submitted facility requests are prioritized as follows:
1. UMass Recreation & Wellbeing programs
2. UMass Registered Student Organizations (RSO)
3. University groups/departments/units/programs (rentals)
4. Non-University/external groups (rentals)

The following areas are available for reservation:

  • Meeting Room 117
  • Activity Room 118
  • Activity Room 121
  • Activity Room 210
  • Activity Room 215
  • Gymnasium Courts
  • Mullins Tennis Courts

Facility Rental/Use Fee Schedule

A facility reservation request does not guarantee approval of the request. If approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the primary contact person. Groups must abide by policies established by Recreation & Wellbeing for the Recreation Center. Area policies and event policies will be communicated to the contact person of the requesting group/organization. It is the responsibility of the contact person to communicate with the members of the group/organization.

A group's scheduled reservation may be subject to change due to a variety of circumstances, including a change in the Recreation & Wellbeing group fitness schedule, a change in the group's active or good standing status with Student Engagement and Leadership, failure to use reserved time/space without prior cancelation notification, or failure by a group to follow policies established by Recreation & Wellbeing and/or the University. General expectations include, but are not limited to:

  • Membership or the purchase of a guest pass is required for entry. Undergraduates enrolled fulltime at UMass Amherst are automatic members of the Recreation Center.

  • Proper athletic attire, including shirts, bottoms and footwear, must be worn in accordance with Recreation Center policies.

  • Water, in a sealable plastic container or unbreakable sports bottle, is the only beverage permitted in activity areas.

  • Set-up of activity spaces must be scheduled and accomplished by the group during agreed-upon arrangements. Groups are responsible for cleanup after the reservation time.

  • Groups are welcome to bring their own portable audio system. The permanent audio system in the activity rooms is for staff or group fitness instructor use only.

  • Group-specific policies will be required and communicated to the group's contact(s). As an example, dance groups, such as ballroom dancing, are not permitted to wear shoes that will mark/mar the floors in the activity rooms. Martial arts groups, such as Kendo, Tae Kwon Do and boxing, are not permitted to spar. Groups may be restricted as to the equipment permitted in the activity rooms.

  • Recreation & Wellbeing strongly recommends no jewelry be worn during participation in the Recreation Center. Recreation & Wellbeing is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.

For Recreation Turf Fields, contact:
Nicholas D'Amato
Senior Assistant Director for Sport Programs
112J Recreation Center

For Athletics Department facilities, including McGuirk Alumni Stadium & Bubble (indoor turf field), Boyden gymnasium and Boyden & Curry Hicks pools, contact:
Anthony Rosati
Assistant Director for Facilities & Operations
Athletics Department
223 Boyden Building

Totman gymnasium is a dance studio & controlled and maintained by the Dance Program.