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Assumption of Risk

  • Each participant is responsible to determine whether he/she has the proper fitness level to participate in activity at the Recreation Center. Participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their health care provider(s) before starting any exercise program. 
  • Participation in activity at the Recreation Center is voluntary. By voluntarily using the Recreation Center, participants assume all risk for any harm or injury sustained.
  • Consider the consequences of your actions and do not engage in behavior that may harm other patrons or damage equipment. 

Patron Access

  • Valid UCard for currently enrolled full-time (12+ credits) undergraduate students
  • Valid UCard with membership for current faculty/staff, graduate & continuing education students, alumni and associate members
  • NO UCard = NO Entry
  • If the photo, name, and SPIRE number are not legible on the UCard, or if the UCard does not scan, the card is not valid.
  • Photocopies of the UCard are not acceptable.
  • The Recreation Center is a controlled-access facility and is intended for use and enjoyment of current UMass students and other authorized members of the UMass community. Only authorized users are permitted past the entry turnstiles.
  • Prior to the entry turnstiles, the Recreation Center includes the Courtside Café and adjacent seating area, the Grand Stairs, restrooms, vending machines and views of the gymnasium and other activity areas.
  • Appropriate ID must be presented for entry to the Recreation Center: 
  • UCards are for the exclusive use of the person named on the card and nontransferable.  UCards will be confiscated and involved parties subject to disciplinary action if presented by anyone other than the rightful owner.
  • Misuse of IDs and/or improper entry is subject to disciplinary action, including immediate removal and suspension from the Recreation Center and further University discipline.
  • Participants must possess, and display upon request, appropriate identification. Recreation & Wellbeing reserves the right to request identification at any time.
  • Non-members, suspended members or expired members are not permitted access to the Recreation Center.
  • Guest passes are available for individuals without a membership.
  • Associate and community members and guests must be at least age 18 to use the Recreation Center.
  • For membership eligibility and fees, contact Member Services or visit our website at


  • Recreation Center members may host a non-member by purchasing a guest pass.
  • Guest passes are available at Member Services at the daily rate of $10 per guest or $5 with the Recreation & Wellbeing discount coupon.
  • Recreation Center members may host a maximum of 2 guests per day.
  • Guests must be at least age 18.
  • Picture ID (with name and date of birth) of the guest is required at the time of purchase.
  • The sponsor’s membership must be validated prior to purchasing a guest pass.
  • A guest pass is valid only for the date of issue as shown on the receipt.
  • The sponsoring member must accompany the guest while using the Recreation Center and is responsible for the conduct and actions of the guest. Guests are not permitted to use the Recreation Center if the sponsoring member is not present.
  • A guest cannot host another guest.
  • Recreation & Wellbeing staff on their work shift are not permitted to sponsor a guest.
  • A guest cannot check out equipment from Equipment Checkout.
  • Individuals age 18+ who are staying at Hotel UMass at the Campus Center are eligible to purchase a guest pass. 
  • A guest of the Hotel must provide the completed guest referral form with his/her picture ID (with name and date of birth).
  • A guest of the Hotel at the Campus Center can check out equipment at Equipment Checkout with proper ID left as security.
  • Recreation & Wellbeing reserves the right to deny access to any guest(s). 

Patron Conduct

Use of the Recreation Center is a privilege. Members and guests shall respect the rights of others and display acceptable and appropriate behavior while participating in the Recreation Center. Recreation & Wellbeing reserves the right to refuse access or remove any individual(s) whose behavior is inappropriate or in violation of University rules and regulations and/or the Code of Student Conduct. Your cooperation is appreciated.

  • Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:
  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Harassment
  • Obscene gestures or actions
  • Abuse of staff in any form
  • Profane or indecent language
  • Failure to follow an established policy
  • If a participant, member or guest in a Recreation & Wellbeing program or facility is directed to leave a facility, program, contest or activity for misconduct:
    • He/she must leave the facility immediately.
    • He/she must meet with the designated Recreation & Wellbeing senior staff responsible for the program/facility in which the misconduct occurred. He/she shall immediately be ineligible for further access or competition in any program or facility until he/she has met with the designated senior staff.
  • Once the Recreation & Wellbeing staff has informed a participant, member or guest of the necessity to see the appropriate person over the program/facility for misconduct, inappropriate behavior or ejection, it is that individual’s responsibility to schedule an appointment to meet with the designated senior staff member. If a sanction is imposed, it will begin after the meeting with staff. 

  • If a sanction is necessary from a specific program, the individual may still participate in other programs or have access to facilities managed by Recreation & Wellbeing.

  • If a sanction is necessary from the Recreation Center, he/she may not participate in any programs within the Recreation Center. 

  • Any incident that involves a participant, member or guest who strikes, hits, pushes, threatens, spits at/on, kicks, verbally abuses a Recreation & Wellbeing employee, participant, member, guest, or spectator, or improperly uses his/her UCard identification will result in immediate suspension from all Recreation & Wellbeing programs and facilities. Further, if deemed appropriate, information regarding the incident may be forwarded by Recreation & Wellbeing staff to the Dean of Students and/or the UMass Police Department.


  • Photography and/or videography is not permitted without prior Recreation & Wellbeing approval. 
  • Pictures/videos may NOT be taken at any time in the locker rooms, restrooms, and/or the assisted changing room.

General Expectations

  • Participants are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by all rules and regulations of the Recreation Center.
  • Not all rules are posted in immediate areas. If a staff member requests your cooperation, please adjust your behavior. If you have questions about a specific policy, please see Recreation & Wellbeing staff. 
  • Failure to comply with staff instructions and proper facility use may result in loss of facility and/or membership privileges. 
  • Recreation & Wellbeing reserves the right to render judgment and decisions on policies not specifically covered.
  • Recreation & Wellbeing reserves the right to call the UMass Police Department as necessary.
  • Participants using the Recreation Center facility and equipment assume the liability of and agree to compensate Recreation & Wellbeing for any damages other than normal wear and tear.
  • Contact Recreation & Wellbeing staff should an accident, injury, or related incident occur. In addition, report immediately any piece of equipment that is not functioning properly to so it can be evaluated and serviced promptly. 
  • Use of informal activity spaces when not scheduled/reserved, including priority scheduling, is first-come, first-served.
    • Exception: Activity rooms 118, 121, 210 and 215 are not available for open recreation beyond approved reservations.
    • No organized activities except those sponsored or approved by Recreation & Wellbeing are permitted. 
  • The Recreation Center may not be used for private or commercial purposes unless such activity has been approved by Recreation & Wellbeing. Examples of prohibited activity include, but are not limited to:
    • Organized athletic team/individual practices or workouts
    • Personal training
    • Private instruction
    • Sales
    • Solicitation


  • Athletic/exercise attire and footwear are required (exception: locker room areas). 
    • Footwear: non-marking, rubber-soled athletic-type/sport shoes are required. Footwear must completely cover the foot, including instep, toes, arch and heel. Footwear not permitted includes, but is not limited to, Crocs, Slides, high-heeled shoes, spikes, open-toed shoes, turf shoes, cleats, boots, flip-flops, sandals and footwear that is muddy or dirty.
      • Exception: Bare feet and/or stockings are acceptable for some group fitness classes and/or group reservations in the activity rooms.
      • “2-Shoes”– Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a second pair of clean footwear that is free of pebbles, road salt, gum, sand, etc. to use during their workouts. This helps protect the equipment and flooring. 
    • Lower and upper body: Athletic/exercise apparel is required and must cover the buttocks and chest.
      • Shorts must be properly worn on the hips and long enough to cover the buttocks and groin when exercising or moving
      • Attire that could damage equipment is prohibited. Jeans, khakis and pants, with or without buttons, metal zippers, metal rivets, belts and belt loops, are not permitted.
    • Jewelry: Recreation & Wellbeing strongly recommends no jewelry be worn during participation. This includes, but is not limited to, necklaces, rings, bracelets, wristbands, watches, earrings/studs, piercings, etc.
    • Hats and ball caps are not permitted to be worn during pick-up basketball games.
  • Clothing with visible blood must be removed and placed in a biohazard bag. The participant must have a replacement article of clothing to remain in the facility. 
  • Clothing with offensive or profane language, designs, or pictures is not acceptable. 
  • Recreation & Wellbeing decisions pertaining to appropriate attire are final.

Personal Belongings

  • Recreation & Wellbeing is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or unattended personal belongings and strongly recommends that participants leave personal items at home.
  • Recreation & Wellbeing strongly encourages participants to secure personal items.
    • Locks are available at no charge from Equipment Checkout.
    • Participants may bring their own personal locks to secure belongings.
  • Locks placed on day-use lockers or cubbies must be removed prior to closing.
    • Locks checked out must be returned to Equipment Checkout.
    • Personal locks remaining on lockers/cubbies at closing will be cut off.
    • Personal items remaining in lockers/cubbies will be bagged and submitted to Equipment Checkout as lost & found. 
  • Recreation & Wellbeing staff shall not hold equipment, valuables or bags for participants.
    • Exception: Skateboards and large items that do not fit in lockers or cubbies can be stored temporarily at Equipment Checkout.
  • No items should be placed directly in front of emergency access doors.
  • Personal items, such as sweatshirts and additional articles of clothing, should not hang on cardiovascular and weight equipment. Items can fall and become lodged in moving equipment, such as treadmills.


  • Cubbies are available on levels 2 & 3.
    • Bags, backpacks, sweatshirts and other personal items may not be left unsecured, block pathways or present a safety hazard in the gymnasium or in the free-weight, selectorized and cardiovascular areas.
    • Unsecured belongings may be considered abandoned property and turned in to Equipment Checkout as lost and found.

Locker Rooms

  • Recreation & Wellbeing requests that the locker rooms be used for storing personal items, changing attire and showering.
  • In the Recreation Center, lockers are available for rent on a semester or annual basis. For further locker rental details (cost, size, eligibility, etc.), see staff at Member Services. Recreation & Wellbeing supplies a combination lock for rental lockers.
    • Personal locks are not permitted on rental lockers.
  • All other lockers are designated as ‘day-use’ available at no cost during hours of operation.
    • Personal locks may be used on the ‘day-use’ lockers.
    • Locks are available at no cost at Equipment Checkout (UCard required).
    • Belongings in these lockers must be cleared and any lock removed prior to closing.
    • Any locks remaining at the end of the day are subject to being cut off at the owner’s expense and all items confiscated. Confiscated items will be placed at Equipment Checkout.  
    • Recreation & Wellbeing is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property left in lockers. 
  • Shower shoes are suggested for use in locker rooms and showers.

Lost & Found

  • Recreation & Wellbeing is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or unattended personal belongings.
  • Lost items should be turned in to Equipment Checkout. UCard or other photo identification is required to claim lost-and-found items.
  • Small items and/or items that may have significant value (i.e. jewelry, cell phones, keys, wallets) are locked at Equipment Checkout. If unclaimed, these items are turned over to the UMass Police Department.
  • Unclaimed University keys are turned over to the Physical Plant Lock Shop or Residential Life Student Services.
  • Unclaimed towels, clothing and other personal items are donated or discarded.
  • Lost patron UCards are at Member Services. Unclaimed UCards are turned over to the UCard office in Whitmore.


  • Water, in a sealable and unbreakable container, is the only beverage permitted in activity areas. Glass containers are prohibited at all times.
  • Containers are subject to substance check at any time by Recreation Center staff.
  • Food, gum and toothpicks are not permitted at any time past the entry turnstiles. 

Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking/Nicotine & Tobacco Products

  • The University of Massachusetts Amherst prohibits tobacco use on campus. Visit the University's Environmental Health & Safety website for more information on campus smoke-free & tobacco-free policies. 
  • The Recreation Center is a substance-free facility. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, steroids, nicotine & tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes & vapes, are not permitted in the Recreation Center, upper & lower lobby, or Courtside Café and seating area. 
  • Individuals shall not use the Recreation Center while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phone usage is not permitted past the turnstiles of the Recreation Center. Cell phones may only be used in the main lobby and Courtside Café area. 


  • Spitting is not permitted in the common areas, such as hallways and stairwells, and activity areas, such as the gymnasium courts, track, cardio, and weights and fitness areas. 
  • Spitting is not permitted in water fountains and hydration stations. Spitting is only permitted in cuspidors.