View Pay Bill

SPIRE and QuikPAY: Online easy access

Students can view and pay their University bill in QuikPAY, the University's online billing and payment system.  To access QuikPAY, a student must first log into SPIRE.  Parents can view and pay their student's bill in QuikPAY, the University's online billing and payment system. Students can set their parents or other third parties as Authorized Payers in QuikPAY. Get your QuikPAY password from the student after they create you as an Authorized Payer.   

Students: Get to QuikPAY and create Authorized Payers in SPIRE

  • Log into SPIRE with your Net ID. (Your Net ID is usually your first initial and last name (ex.jsmith). It's not your eight-digit SPIRE ID. Your Net ID was sent to you in an email from either OIT or another University department.)
  • After logging in, select the Finances tile
  • Then click View & Pay Bill 
  • Click Pay Bill with Quikpay to access Quikpay
  • Click Add Authorized Payer and follow the prompts to add an authorized payer


Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians who are Authorized Payers may log into QuikPAY to view or pay the student bill:

  1. The student creates your Authorized Payer account in SPIRE as explained above. 
  2. You receive an email to the email address the student entered when he or she created you as an Authorized Payer.
  3. The email contains your QuikPAY Login Username and a link to the Authorized Payer login page.  (Your password is not in the email for security reasons.)
  4. The student must give you your password.
  5. You log into QuikPAY with your username and password. quikpay login screen and menu
  6. After login, select View & Pay Accounts in the left-side menu.
  7. Under View Accounts, select Account Status, Current Statement or Statement History, to access billing information.