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Understand your 1098T Form

Understand your 1098T Tax Form

If a 1098T statement has been created for you, the amount listed in Box 1 on the form will show the amount that was paid towards qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) in the preceding calendar year. Qualified education expenses include tuition and enrollment fees as well as other fees that are required for your courses. This does NOT include room and meal plan, health insurance, health services fees, books, parking permits or fines.

Eligible Educational Expenses

  • Tuition and Mandatory Fees: Tuition, Technology Fee, Student Activities Fee, Lab Fees, Service Fee, Graduate Senate Tax, Course Fee
  • Schools and Colleges Fees: Honors College Fee, ISOM Fee, Engineering Fee, Nursing Fees, CICS Fees, Music Fees
  • Other Enrollment Related Fees: New Student Enrollment Fee, Commencement Fee, Graduate Entering Fee, UniversityPlus Registration Fee, Class Materials Fee

Non-Eligible Educational Expenses

  • Room and Meal Plan Fees Room Fees: Cancellation Fees, Meal Plan Fees
  • Health Fees: Student Health Fee, Student Health Insurance Plan Fees, Family Insurance Plan Fees
  • Other Fees: Library fines and fees, Parking permits and fines, Athletics fees, Late Fees, Fees related to non-credit courses

The amounts paid do not represent amounts billed by the University during the calendar year. The amount in Box 1 represents amounts paid and posted to your Student tuition account in the 2021 calendar year and there is no consideration given to when the classes are attended. The amount in Box 1 includes all payments made, including financial aid grants, scholarships and loans.

If you received a tuition credit (waiver), then the amount of the QTRE expenses in Box 1 will be the “net” amount you paid after the waiver. If your waiver reduced your qualified educational expenses for that year to zero, then you will not receive a Form 1098-T in that year.

Box 5 of Form 1098-T shows the amount of scholarships or grants (other than tuition waivers) you received during the year. This includes payments made with tax-free funds such as 529 disbursements.

Please note that when claiming educational credits and deductions on your income tax return, you will need to report amounts paid and your tuition bills will be the best and most helpful resources for purposes of determining your allowable education tax credits or deductions. Please log in to the QuikPAY system through Spire.