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Tuition Credits

Veterans and Active Duty Students

Visit Veteran Services Applying For Educational Benefits to learn more. You may also visit the Veterans Certification Office at 23 Dickinson Hall, 155 Hicks Way, Amherst, MA  01003.

Senior Citizens

The Senior Citizen Tuition Credit Affidavit credits up to $857.00 toward tuition per semester for students enrolled in an undergraduate program and up to $1320.00 for students enrolled in a graduate program per semester. This form must be present with a valid ID that verifies age. You must be 60 years of age, a graduate or an undergraduate, and a Massachusetts resident for at least one year. This affidvit cannot be used towards courses offered through Continuing and Professional Education. 

State of Massachusetts Employees

The University does not offer tuition waivers (100% of the fee) but rather tuition credits (a portion of the fee) for State of Massachusetts employees.  The amount for full-time undergraduate students is $857 per semester.  Please note, this cannot be combined with any other tuition credits, including J&A Adams or Koplik Scholarships.

GEO Insurance Reduction

Eligible members of GEO (Graduate Employee Organization) who participate in the University's Student Health Benefit Plan are eligible for a 95% reduction of the semester fee.  To sign up for the SHBP cost reduction, click the GEO Insurance Cost Reduction link in the Finances section of SPIRE. Upon consenting to the coverage, the 95% GEO Insurance Cost Reduction will be credited to your account. Please note: Students with comparable insurance coverage can 'opt out' of the University's SHBP by completing the University's SHBP Waiver. Students who 'opt out' of the University's SHBP will be credited 100% of the fee.

Categorical Tuition Credits

Categorical Tuition Credits (MA Department of Higher Education) [PDF]