Student Financial Responsibility Agreement FAQs

Q:        What is the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement?
A:        The student Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) is a statement of the financial obligations and responsibilities you agree to assume when you register for a course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, including the University without Walls program.

Q:        How often must I complete the FRA?
A:        The FRA must be acknowledged once every academic year. 

Q:        When will the FRA be assigned?
A:        The FRA will be assigned to all active students 2 weeks prior to the registration period for the Fall term, each academic year.  An email notification will be sent to your email address indicating that the FRA has been assigned. Those students who accept the agreement prior to the start of the registration period will avoid having a registration hold placed on their account.

Q:        What if I don’t want to accept the FRA?
A:        If you do not accept the FRA for a given academic year, you will be unable to register for any classes during that year.

Q:        What is the FRA Hold?
A:        The FRA hold is placed on all students who have failed to acknowledge the FRA prior to the start of the registration period.  This hold will prevent a student from registering for any class until the agreement has been acknowledged.

Q:        How long after I complete the FRA will the hold be removed?
A:        The hold will be removed immediately after the student accepts the agreement.

Q:        How can I view previous academic year’s FRAs?
A:        Students can access all completed agreements under their Finances section in the Student Service Center in SPIRE.