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Student Financial Responsibility Agreement FAQs

Q:        What is the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement?
A:        The student Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) is a statement of the financial obligations and responsibilities you agree to assume when you register for a course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, including the UniversityPlus program.

Q:        How often must I complete the FRA?
A:        The FRA must be acknowledged once every academic year. 

Q:        When will the FRA be assigned?
A:        The FRA will be assigned to all active students 2 weeks prior to the registration period for the Fall term, each academic year.  An email notification will be sent to your @umass.edu email address indicating that the FRA has been assigned. Those students who accept the agreement prior to the start of the registration period will avoid having a registration hold placed on their account.

Q:        What if I don’t want to accept the FRA?
A:        If you do not accept the FRA for a given academic year, you will be unable to register for any classes during that year.

Q:        What is the FRA Hold?
A:        The FRA hold is placed on all students who have failed to acknowledge the FRA prior to the start of the registration period.  This hold will prevent a student from registering for any class until the agreement has been acknowledged.

Q:        How long after I complete the FRA will the hold be removed?
A:        The hold will be removed immediately after the student accepts the agreement.

Q:        How can I view previous academic year’s FRAs?
A:        Students can access all completed agreements under their Finances section in the Student Service Center in SPIRE.