SPIRE  |  Your Bill

Retrieve Your 1098-T Online

  1. Log into SPIRE

             a.  Current Students and /or Alumni who know your SPIRE login: SPIRE Login        

             b.  Inactive Students or Alumni who need assistance with login: SPIRE Login Help  


             2.  Once in SPIRE, select Consent for 1098-T-as shown below.  

             3.  You only need to consent once to view or print your 1098-T.  

             4.  Click View 1098-T as shown below.    

             5.  1098-T forms are usually available in SPIRE by early January.

             6.  If the student does not consent to receiving the 1098-T statement through SPIRE, it is mailed to the                               student's permanent address that's listed in SPIRE - postmarked no later than January 31st. spire-1098