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Rehabilitation Training

Rehabilitation Training Deferment Form.PDF

A borrower may defer repayment if he or she is enrolled in a course of study that is part of a Department-approved rehabilitation training program for disabled individuals.

To receive this deferment, the borrower must provide the school with certification that:

  • The borrower is receiving, or scheduled to receive, rehabilitation training from the agency.
  • The agency is licensed, approved, certified, or otherwise recognized by a state agency responsible for programs in vocational rehabilitation, drug abuse treatment, mental health services, or alcohol abuse treatments; or by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • The agency provides or will provide the borrower rehabilitation services under a written plan that (1) is individualized to meet the borrower’s needs; (2) specifies the date that the services will end; and (3) is structured in a way that requires substantial commitment from the borrower.

A substantial commitment from the borrower is a commitment of time and effort that would normally prevent the borrower from holding a full-time job either because of the number of hours that must be devoted to rehabilitation or because of the nature of the rehabilitation.