Prorated Tuition and Mandatory Fee Schedule

If you are planning to withdraw from the University, you must officially withdraw by following the steps below.  Simply not going to class is not considered a withdrawal.  You are considered an active students until you officially withdraw by submitting the withdrawal form.  Students who withdraw from the University may be subject to a pro-rated adjustment of tuition and fees as listed below.  These adjustments are based on the last day a student attended any class.  Housing adjustments may differ.  Please refer to the Residential Life website for more information. 


If you are planning to take the Spring semester off from UMass Amherst, please read through the information about withdrawing from UMass found on the Dean of Students website.  You must withdraw from the University no later than January 25, 2022 (the first day of classes) by submitting a completed withdrawal form.  

If you plan to return to the University for a future semester, please review the information and instructions available on the University Registar's website for Re-Enrollment Information


Graduate students voluntarily withdrawing from the University must send a letter to the Graduate Dean, via their Graduate Program Director, indicating the reasons for the request.  More information can be found on the Graduate School’s website.

Undergraduate Withdrawal Dates

  • Through 01/25/2022, registration day and first day of classes: 100% refund
  • First two weeks of the semester,  01/26/2022 through 02/07/2022: 80%
  • During the third week, 02/08/2022 through 02/14/2022: 60%
  • During the fourth week, 02/15/2022 through 02/21/2022: 40%
  • During the fifth week,  02/22/2022 through 02/28/2022: 20%
  • As of 03/01/2022, 0%. No refund

Meal Plans falls under the same refund schedule as tuition and mandatory fees.

Housing has separate refund schedules.

Graduate Withdrawal Dates

  • Through 02/07/2022: 100% refund
  • Third week of the semester, 02/08/2022 through 02/14/2022: 60%
  • Fourth week of the semester, 02/15/2022 through 02/21/2022: 40%
  • During the fifth week, 02/22/2021 through 02/28/2021: 20%
  • As of 03/01/2021, 0%. No refund