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Nondebtor Spouse Refund Policy

The Nondebtor Spouse Refund Claim Form [PDF] is required by our Student Receivables Office in order to assess and process any potential refunds as a result of a Commonwealth seizure. Please note that refunds if approved can take up to 4-6 weeks to process. Are You Eligible to File this Form? You may file this form if:

  • You filed a joint Massachusetts tax return with and overpayment applied against the past due income tax debt of your spouse.
  • You are filing this claim within 90 days of the State Income Tax Refund Intercept Transfer notice.
  • You have submitted a copy of your marriage certificate

You may not file this form if:

  • Your certificate of marriage date predates the date that the debt was incurred at the University of Massachusetts.
  • You failed to provide W-2 form for both parties, Summary Tax Forms and Marriage Certificate.

How does my spouse remove their name from future Commonwealth Tax seizures?

  • Borrowers can remove themselves from future tax seizures by establishing a repayment plan or rehabilitation agreement.  Call UMass at 413-545-2368 for details.

Mail form and supporting paperwork to: UMass Receivables Office, 215 Whitmore Administration Building, 181 Presidents Drive, Amherst, MA 01003-9313  Questions can be directed to: PerkLoan@admin.umass.edu 413-545-2368