NFLP Forbearance

NFLP Forbearanace form

If a borrower with a Nurse Faculty Loan is experiencing either poor health or financial hardship, the borrower may request forbearance of loan repayments. Forbearance is limited to situations in which the borrower clearly intends to repay the NFLP loan obligation but is temporarily unable to comply with the existing repayment schedule.

During periods of forbearance the borrower's obligation to make payments on interest and principal may be reduced or eliminated. Although payments may be temporarily delayed, interest continues to accrue on the outstanding principal balance.

The Request For Forbearance Application Form must be completed and returned to the school with the requested documentation. Forbearance can be granted by the school for up to 6 months at a time for a maximum of 12 months. Any requests beyond the 12 months must be approved by HHS directly.

Periods of forbearance are not excluded from the borrower's 10-year repayment schedule.