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NFLP Cancellation and Discharge


The Public Health Service Act authorizes cancellation of up to 85% of NFLP loans for borrowers who are employed full-time as nurse faculty for four (4) consecutive years.


When a borrower is employed full-time as faculty at a school of nursing and will request partial cancellation of the loan at the end of each complete year of employment, the borrower may obtain a postponement of installment payments on the loan. The borrower must submit the Request for Postponement of Installment Payment Form at the beginning of each year of employment to the school.


In the event of a borrower’s death, the loan can be cancelled in full upon receipt of a certified death certificate. The certified death certificate should be mailed to the Student Loan Office. A borrower may also apply for discharge of the NFLP loan by reason in the event the borrower becomes totally and permanently disabled.

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