Guides for Students and Parents


Authorized Payer Guide This guide explains how students may create authorized payer accounts.
Checklist For Students and Parents Students Waive your FERPA restriction to allow the Bursar's office to discuss the student bill with a parent or guardian. Designate your parent or guardian as an Authorized Payer. Enroll in Excess...
Dictionary Attached you will find a list of terms (and translations) that you may hear when discussing your student bill with University staff  
Excess Express FAQs Frequently asked questions about Excess Express. Students must sign up for Excess Express, the University's direct deposit service for student refunds. 
FERPA PRIVACY WAIVER FERPA aka Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Money Matters An overview of billing and payment information and financial aid.
Returning Student Checklist A financial guide for returning students.
Student Health Benefit Plan A brief guide to the University of Massachussetts Amherst Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP)