GEO Payroll Deduction

GEO (Graduate Employee Organization) members may enroll online in SPIRE for payroll deduction to pay their Bursar bill. You will receive an email from the Bursar's Office to your official email address that was assigned by OIT ( notifying you of open enrollment for payroll deduction.

How to Enroll in Payroll Deduction

  1. Log into SPIRE.
  2. Then select GEO Payroll Deduction.
  3. Enter the total amount to be deducted from your paycheck for the semester.
  4. Click Consent.
  5. A confirmation page displays indicating the details of your payroll deduction.
  6. Apply by the GEO Deadline dates.

Students must be active in the University's payroll system in order to select payroll deduction. If you attempt to enroll and receive a message that you are not eligible, please try again after you have been activated in the payroll system.