Deposit Slip

How to fill out your deposit slip:

  • Download and complete the deposit slip.
  • Please type or print legibly.
  • Completely fill out the name/address/phone section, list the total amount of cash, checks or wires in the “Tender Breakdown” box.
  • You must fill out all pertinent account information; speed type, account, fund, dept id, project/grant, class, and the amount you are depositing to that account.
  • Failure to complete the deposit slip entirely and correctly may result in a delay in the processing of your deposit.
  • Description is optional and up to 25 characters in length.  Due to limitations in PeopleSoft, there can be only one description per deposit slip.
  • Be sure to put the total amount of your deposit in the “total deposit” box.
  • If you need a receipt sent back, check the “receipt requested” box and provide a duplicate copy along with a return envelope.

How to make your deposit with the Bursar’s Office:

Make deposits at the Bursar’s Office tellers’ windows between 8:30 am and 4 pm, room 225 Whitmore Administration Building.

  • Depositors need to wait in line for the next available teller to have their deposit processed immediately.
  • A Departmental Deposit drop off window is also available where the depositor will sign in the locked bag/envelope as well as pick up (if any) bags already processed from a previous drop off.
  • Depositors can also use the drop-off slot for any check deposits (no cash).  Deposits should be in a campus mail envelope.

Checks can be sent through campus mail, but keep in mind the Bursar’s Office can’t be responsible for delays in mail delivery or possible lost mail.

How to prepare your money:


  • Please secure all cash and put coins in an envelope.  Please remember that the Bursar’s Office cannot accept foreign bills or coins.
  • If there is a large amount of cash, include an add tape listing the denominations.
  • Coins must be rolled if you have enough to fill a roll.  Write the speed type and account number on each roll.


  • Review checks for the following criteria before submitting:
    • Date (checks are generally valid for up to 6 months, unless stated otherwise on the face of the check.)
    • Payee should be Umass.  You can include the department name or function after Umass. (Example: Umass/Alumni Magazine)
    • Written legal amount.  Checks cannot be processed without this filled in.
    • Make sure that the legal and numerical amounts match. (written legal amount supersedes the numerical amount)
    • Signature of maker.
    • Checks should be in US dollars drawn on a US bank.  If you have a foreign check, it must be processed separately.  For assistance, please request the Head Teller.
  • Write the speed type and account number on the upper portion of the front of each check.  Do not write anywhere on the bottom of the check.  Your deposit can’t be processed without this information.
  • Checks must be endorsed upon receipt with a deposit stamp which must be provided by the Bursar’s office.
  • Checks can be submitted in batches of 50 checks per batch.  Each batch must have an add tape included.


For questions on how to prepare a deposit, please contact the Bursar’s Office.  For questions about your account/chart field string please contact the Controller’s Office.