Nurse Faculty Loan Program Borrowers

In the event that a Nurse Faculty Loan Program borrower becomes totally and permanently disabled, the borrower may be entitled to cancellation of any remaining payments due on the loan.

Permanent and total disability is defined as the borrower being unable to engage in gainful employment of any kind because of a medically determined impairment that this is expected to continue for a long and indefinite period of time or to result in death.

To claim cancellation for disability, a borrower must submit a formal request to the University along with the following documentation:

  • date entered and date graduated or date studies terminated
  • total amount of NFLP loans obtained
  • amount of unpaid balance
  • nature and date of onset of the disability
  • employment history prior to disability
  • statement of financial support
  • current medical examination and/or treatment

Please contact the University directly at perkloan@admin.umass.edu to obtain the forms necessary to make a formal request of total and permanent disability.

IMPORTANT: although the borrower must provide supporting documentation to the University, permission to cancel the outstanding NFLP loans based on total and permanent disability remains with Health and Human Services.