Our central responsibility is to forecast and monitor the overall University budget. We provide oversite and guidance for general funds budgets and revenue-based units - insuring that budgets are handled according to University guidelines, state and federal laws and Board of Trustee policy. The Budget team also makes recommendations on the level of fees charged. 

We're Here to Help

Lynn McKenna, Associate Vice Chancellor Budget & Financial Analysis
413-545-6272 - lmckenna [at] umass.edu

Jack Brown, Associate Budget Director
413-545-2144 - jrbrown [at] umass.edu

Jen Lamothe, Forecasting & Budget Analyst
413-577-3364 - j.lamothe [at] umass.edu

Charity Ogoy, Forecasting & Budget Analyst
413-577-3362 - cogoy [at] umass.edu

Bryce Wallace, Forecasting & Budget Analyst
413-577-3356 - bbwallace [at] umass.edu




Whitmore Building

The Budget Office is located in the Whitmore Admin building. Location Details



bar chart for display. no data.We regularly offer training in essential budgeting skills through Workplace Learning & Development. Read more about our budget training.

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