The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Email Policies and Procedures

Communicating with Our Constituents

UMass Amherst serves many constituents: current students, prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, strategic partners, and communities in Amherst, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and beyond. We strive to provide relevant and timely information to our constituents by targeting the appropriate audience(s) and messaging that is specific to that group.

UMass Amherst’s primary digital communications platform is now Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Unifying campus communications under one digital communications platform is an important part of how we engage with our constituents by: 

  • Ensuring that messages reach the intended recipients
  • Providing an efficient platform for list management that is integrated with university data
  • Utilizing shared templates that meet brand guidelines, are ADA compliant, and render well across all major devices and platforms
  • Delivering accessible data so communicators can constantly improve their communication strategy and avoid oversaturating specific audiences with email

Unifying communications under the Marketing Cloud also benefits UMass Amherst communicators by:

  • Providing centralized support from a dedicated joint team of IT and UR specialists to make sure your communications are successful
  • Connecting a vibrant, collaborative community of communicators that coordinate efforts to benefit each other and the various constituencies

Message Requirements and Procedures for Communicators

All communicators who are authorized to send mass communications via a supported university platform such as Marketing Cloud should follow the designated procedures to ensure compliance with all regulations and best practices.

Communications Requirements & Procedures Documentation