The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Available Tools

The University offers access to the Echo360 Lecture Capture platform through the Instructional Media Lab.

Please note: all videos available for viewing on UMass Amherst websites must be closed captioned for ADA accessibility. The Echo360 platform offers an Automatic Speech Recognition system that will assist with accessibility compliance.

Video Branding Guidelines

These video branding guidelines will help you make sure your video properly represents the UMass Amherst identity. Refer to the videography section of the Be Revolutionary campaign style guide for more information. 

Intro and Outro Wordmark Art Cards

When creating a video, you must be crystal clear that UMass Amherst is the deliverer of the content. Start and end your video with the UMass Amherst wordmark, adhering to brand identity standards.      

  • All videos should begin and end with a three-second UMass Amherst wordmark art card.
  • Only use official university wordmark cards.
  • The Outro card should include the name of the department responsible for the video. News videos produced by the Office of News and Media Relations are an exception and have their own distinct branding.


Intro Card

Sample intro card

Outro Card

Sample outro card

Other art cards, besides the ones above, may be necessary in your video.
If you need to create your own, here are some rules to guide you.

  • HD Pixel dimensions are 1920 x 1080.
    • Use only official UMass colors and typefaces.
    • Make sure all text is easily readable.
    • Use gradients and drop shadows SPARINGLY.
    • Simple is always better.

Lower Thirds

Lower thirds are often used to introduce and identify people, places, and things in your video. Make sure they are simple, readable and consistent.
Use official university lower third templates whenever possible.

Primary Lower Third Template

This is larger type over a gradient UMass Maroon banner.
Use this for a bolder statement or to increase type readability over an image.

Lower thirds sample showing larger type over a gradient UMass Maroon banner.

Secondary Title Template

This is smaller type over an image.
Use this for a more subtle text treatment.

Lower thirds sample showing smaller type over image.

Wordmark, Seals, and Spirit Marks in Video

UMass Amherst wordmarks, seals, and spirit marks may be used in video. See Wordmarks, Seal and Spirit Marks for proper guidelines and make sure that the art is clear and crisp.

Video Images of Campus

If you need video images of the campus, contact the Office of News and Media Relations at (413) 545-0444 or by e-mail at