The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Seal and Marks

Our seal and marks are visual representations of our brand. They act as our official signature and are the common thread across all forms of communication; it is essential that we treat them consistently across all media.

Use only the official university seal and marks files: do not change them in any way.

Appropriate Usage

Black and White Seal shown appropriately

Examples of inappropriate usage

Example of seal set on a diagonal

Never set on a diagonal

Example of stretched seal

Never distort or stretch

Example of seal with a shadow

Never apply drop shadow

Example of seal in an unapproved color

Never use unapproved colors

Example of seal with resized elements

Never adjust position or size of elements

All UMass Amherst entities are required to use only university-approved seal, brandmarks, and wordmarks contained in this branding architecture guide. Any seal, marks, or visual identities that are not contained in this guide must not be used in any college, school, department, institute, or office under any circumstances.

The university seal and marks are the sole property of the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees and may be used with written permission from the UMass Trademark and Licensing Administration; they must not be altered in any way.

For questions on how to use the seal, brandmark, and watermark, please contact University MarCom Group Executive Creative Director Efi Georgiou.

For questions regarding trademark usage on merchandise, websites, services, or advertisements, please contact the UMass Trademark and Licensing Administration at 413-577-8126 or All UMass names, seal, marks, and logos are protected and registered trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Each of our graphic elements has specific requirements for their use. Carefully review the guidelines below before using these elements.

Seal and Brandmark GUIDELINES FOR USE

In 2023, the University of Massachusetts Amherst unveiled a new university seal and brandmark that expands the university’s visual identity system, reflecting the values and unique position of the commonwealth’s flagship campus.

Seal—Stand Alone

Seal—Stand Alone in Maroon

Seal—Stand Alone in Black and White


Seal—Lockup Black and Maroon

Seal—Lockup Black and White

The UMass Amherst seal may be used either stand-alone or in long form. The seal alone or with a university wordmark is for formal usage (e.g., university letterhead, certificates, awards).

Collegiate M

Collegiate M in Black and Maroon

Collegiate M in Black and White

Collegiate M Lockup

Collegiate M Lockup in Black and Maroon

Collegiate M Lockup in Black and White

The UMass Amherst brandmark (or “collegiate M”) may be used in long form. The single collegiate M brandmark may also be used stand-alone but only within proximity of the words “University of Massachusetts Amherst” or “UMass Amherst.” Visually, there must be no doubt that the collegiate M stands for UMass Amherst. For example, using the collegiate M as stand-alone on a web page that clearly states “UMass Amherst” on a header.

Use restriction: the collegiate M must not be used in any multi-tiered version of either short form UMass or long form University of Massachusetts wordmarks. Multi-tiered meaning that the Collegiate M must not be used in a wordmark for any department, office, center, or institution.



​For wordmark guidelines pertaining to schools, colleges, departments, offices, and all other campus units, visit the Brand Guidelines page.

Tier One:

UMass Amherst Short-form Wordmark

Short Form Wordmark: UMass Amherst

University Long-form Wordmark

Long Form Wordmark: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Tier Two:

Horizontal Version

College of Education Horizontal Wordmark

Stacked Version

College of Education Stacked Wordmark

Horizontal Version

Office of the Provost Horizontal Wordmark

Stacked Version

Office of the Provost Stacked Wordmark

Tier Three:

Horizontal Version

Donahue Institute Horizontal Wordmark

Stacked Version

Donahue Institute Stacked Wordmark

Horizontal Version

College of Education Horizontal Wordmark

Stacked Version

College of Education Stacked Wordmark

Horizontal Version

Applied Mathematics Horizontal Wordmark

Stacked Version

Applied Mathematics Vertical Wordmark

Tier Four:

Horizontal Version

Applied Mathematics Horizontal Wordmark

Stacked Version

Applied Mathematics Vertical Wordmark

Wordmark Size

When using the UMass Amherst wordmark on collateral, there are proper approaches and formats with which to apply it. Modifications or nonstandard uses of our wordmark can confuse its meaning and diminish its impact.

The UMass Amherst wordmark needs to always be clear and readable. Minimum display sizes should be maintained. The wordmark must be at least 1 inch wide for print use or 75 pixels wide on screen.

To maximize impact and ensure readability, minimum clear space around the logo should also be maintained. Clear space is an area around the logo clear of text or imagery. The letter “M” from UMass on our wordmark is the measure for the minimal amount of clear space required. You have the option of vertical or horizontal long-form marks that you can use depending on the context in which the wordmark needs to be applied.


Minimal amount of clear space required around the wordmark.
The color palette and fonts have been carefully chosen to convey our brand with maximum impact and clarity. The UMass Amherst wordmark should always be displayed in the approved colors using the correct Pantone, CMYK, or RGB swatches.

Preferable placement of the wordmark is on a white or neutral background. There is a reversed version of the logo that is white text and should be used over maroon on busy photographs or patterns.

UMass Amherst Athletics Marks

UMass Amherst Athletics marks reflect a segment of the UMass brand identity. These marks are not appropriate for academic materials, nor should they be distorted or altered in any fashion.

Download the University of Massachusetts Athletics Official Style Guide [PDF]