The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Official UMass Colors

Color evokes an emotional response to a communication and acts as a unifying visual component. The official colors of UMass Amherst are maroon and black. These colors play a vital role in establishing a clear and powerful image and in defining the UMass brand.

Brand Colors

Maroon plays a major role in establishing our identity and is a key factor in our branding efforts. UMass Maroon should be implemented consistently across all media paired with the complementary white and black. Using this palette consistently creates an additional layer of distinction for our university.

PMS 202
C9 M100 Y64 K48
R136 G28 B28
Hex 881c1c
PMS Black 3
C67 M44 Y67 K95
R33 G39 B33
Hex 212721

Secondary Colors

To assist designers with color choices, the university encourages the use of a secondary color palette to complement our signature brand colors. Secondary colors* must never overpower the brand colors.

PMS 123
C0 M19 Y89 K0
R255 G199 B44
Hex ffc72c
PMS 1375
C0 M45 Y94 K0
R255 G158 B27
Hex ff9e1b
PMS 7669
C73 M66 Y0 K2
R97 G94 B155
Hex 615e9b
PMS 7743
C71 M8 Y100 K50
R68 G105 B61
Hex 44693d
PMS 7519
C24 M42 Y45 K68
R94 G75 B60
Hex 5e4b3c
PMS 655
C100 M79 Y12 K59
R0 G37 B84
Hex 002554
PMS 3125
C84 M0 Y18 K0
R0 G174 B199
Hex 00aec7
PMS 564
C43 M0 Y23 K0
R134 G200 B188
Hex 86c8bc
PMS 7737
C60 M0 Y98 K7
R107 G165 B57
Hex 6ba539
PMS 382
C28 M0 Y100 K0
R196 G214 B0
Hex c4d600
PMS 159*
C1 M72 Y100 K7
R203 G96 B21
Hex cb6015
PMS Bright Red*
C0 M90 Y95 K0
R254 G59 B31
Hex fe3b1f


PMS 447
C50 M30 Y40 K90
R55 G58 B54
Hex 373a36
PMS 445
C52 M23 Y30 K74
R80 G87 B89
Hex 505759
PMS 429
C21 M11 Y9 K23
R162 G170 B173
Hex a2aaad


* For web accessibility reasons, it’s important that highly contrasting colors be used with text that overlaps color. Please note that not all combinations of the secondary colors shown above will provide a sufficient degree of contrast when overlapping.