The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Email is an essential and important  form of communication. Email sent from UMass Amherst should adhere to university brand guidelines. Please remember this is not your personal email, and anything sent out should keep in line with the brand voice UMass Amherst has established.

Email Signature

A consistent email signature is a key part to keeping our brand identity cohesive. It may seem a minor point, but it’s the professional punctuation to everything we communicate via email. It helps people receiving emails know immediately where the email is coming from.

We recommend that your UMass Amherst email signature follow this format in either colored or plain text. Any additional information can follow this signature.

First Last

UMass Amherst
Street Address
Building Address
Amherst, MA 01003


Notes on format above:

First and Last name use bold and web color: #881C1C or RGB: R126 G28 B28