The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Brand Architecture

What Is Our Brand Architecture For?

The purpose of our brand architecture is to support our diverse entities, such as schools and colleges, centers and institutes, and nonacademic support functions with clear, simple, and easy guidelines on how to use your wordmark with the UMass Amherst wordmark. 

Our brand architecture ensures that wordmarks look consistent across UMass Amherst’s many entities, helps your entity clearly identify its visual relationship with UMass Amherst, and works flexibly with various applications and possible size constraints. It is critical to understand that all previous wordmarks or visual identities that were used by schools, colleges, departments, programs, centers, and institutes alongside the UMass Amherst wordmark are now void and cannot be used in any circumstance. 

We have brand architecture because:

  • It builds equity and synergy between our entities and the UMass Amherst brand by connecting our audiences more meaningfully to the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the activities that live within it.
  • It allows more collective, leveraged, focused, and hardworking brand efforts between academics and the University of Massachusetts Amherst brand.
  • It supports stronger revenue generation, fundraising, and alumni engagement opportunities for our schools, colleges, and units across the campus.
  • It provides a simplified, user-friendly brand structure that entities within UMass Amherst can use to strengthen their own positioning, messaging, and marketing.

Our Brand Architecture

We have a university-led brand architecture. Our wordmark is our main identifying branding symbol and our singular expression of UMass Amherst’s mission, brand positioning, and personality. It represents our brand at the highest level. At its core, our brand architecture is a university-led brand architecture. This means the institutional name, UMass Amherst, is visually dominant wherever it appears alongside an academic offering or support service. For example, where a school or college name and university wordmark appear together in a design, the university wordmark will always be the visually dominant part. 
Our university-led brand architecture has three tiers. We have a three-tiered brand architecture. This means our university-led brand architecture consists of three tiers that appear in all external, public-facing usage, such as the website, marketing campaigns, or print materials.