The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Advertising and Recruitment

Student Recruitment Strategy and Tactics

The University Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Team develops integrated marketing solutions in partnership with school/college programs, from media planning and buying to the communications sent to accepted students.

For online programs and certificates:

Our team is responsible for the coordination of Salesforce licensing and training, form creation to collect leads, automated journey creation, and management of associated data to monitor performance.

For all other programs:

We can assist with lead management strategies, tactics, and communications plans. If you have a question regarding communicating with new undergraduate students, please feel free to send an email to

Advertising Your Program or Event

We can provide expertise and assistance in developing promotional campaigns for program recruitment or for campaigns such as promoting alumni events or geotargeting for conferences. Our capabilities include:

  • Digital advertising such as display banners, search engine marketing (SEM), and social media
  • For those communicators who are managing their advertising campaigns, we can collaborate with you on the following:
    • Access to audience targeting via ad platform pixel placement
    • Historic performance benchmarks
    • Standard UTM tracking
  • Please note that all SEM buys must be managed via University Relations
  • We can also assist with television, radio, print, and electronic advertising and collateral

Contact: Ryan Merclean, Director of Media Strategy

Performance Data and Analysis

For all advertised online programs and certificates, we provide a full report on media performance twice a year for long-term recruiting campaigns. For campaigns of a shorter duration, a post-campaign report will be delivered. Certain programs may also have access to dashboards for ongoing performance tracking.