International and Domestic Exchange

Interested in studying abroad?

A common myth among biology majors is that studying abroad is not an option. NOT true! We encourage biology majors to spend one or two semesters studying broad. Study abroad offers a valuable opportunity for enrichment and to gain perspective on the field of biology.

If you are interested in studying abroad, you should meet with your academic advisor to discuss your plans and make sure you are on track for completing the major requirements. Your advisor can help you develop a plan for completing your coursework. Here is an example of a plan for completing the biology major while devoting a semester to study abroad. (NOTE: This plan is an example. Your particular plan may differ).

Here is a blank worksheet that you can use to start developing your plan.

Many students complete general education requirements while studying abroad. However, with advance approval from your advisor, you may elect to take biology courses abroad (a maximum of two approved courses can count toward the major requirements). If you plan to take biology courses abroad, you should provide your advisor with a list of potential courses (with course numbers and descriptions).

The International Programs Office (IPO) coordinates study abroad opportunities for students. Their office is located on the UMass campus at 70 Butterfield Terrace, Amherst, MA 01003-9242.

Want more information about study abroad as a Biology Major? Watch THIS video!

Interested in domestic exchange?

For information on domestic exchange, visit 613 Goodell Building. Students considering domestic exchange should meet with their academic advisor to develop a potential plan for completing the major requirements.

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