Integrative Experience for Biology Majors

To complete the Integrative Experience general education requirement, a Biology major must do two things:

1. Take Biology 494 LI, Life After Biology (1-cr seminar, offered every semester). Completion in sophomore year recommended, grade of D or higher required.

2. Make sure that the upper-level elective courses completed for the major include at least one of the following courses:

  • Biology 372 Introductory Neurobiology
  • Biology 383H Gene and Genome Analysis [Lab]
  • Biology 422 Field Ecology: An Experimental Approach [Lab]
  • Biology 427 How to Make a Perfect Plant [Lab]
  • Biology 477H BioImaging [Lab]
  • Biology 486H Tacking Biomedical Problems with Molecular Biology [Lab]
  • Biology 487H Tropical Field Biology [Lab]
  • Biology 514 Population Genetics
  • Biology 523 Histology [Lab]
  • Biology 550 Animal Behavior [Lab]
  • Biology 551 Animal Communication
  • Biology 572 Advanced Neurobiology
  • Biology 582 DNA to Diversity [Lab]

Note that one of the above elective courses will fill the IE requirement with a grade of D or higher, but will not count toward biology major requirements unless the grade is C or higher